Monday, 5 December 2011

Looking forward to 2012

I have spent some time today thinking about what I have achieved this year and what I would like to achieve next year.

I haven't been very prolific this year. I have finished one quilt, a bag and 2 flimsies, one of which is quilted and nearly bound. I have also finished a few small items for swaps this Christmas.

I have underestimated how much time I've ended up with. At the beginning of the year I wasn't anticipating my company falling apart and the home I work in being taken over which has meant a lot of extra work. I also have had periods where I have been poorly motivated. Also when it comes to buying fabric I've been spoilt for choice. I am a Moda girl and Moda have produced quite a few lines that I absoluately had to have - lol.

I would like to try to make 2012 a year of finishes rather than starts and minimal fabric purchasing. In the first part of 2012 Moda aren't producing too many lines that I must have so that helps. Of course I don't what they have got planned for later in the year.

Below are photos of the quilts I have got started. I have also got a few cross stitches on the go (covered in an older post), not to mention knitting projects.  I want to finish 12 items in 2012. I just need to decide which to tackle.

This block is from my 9 patch internet swap from the back end of 2010. As I am hand quilting this it is going to take a while and I'm not going to put a time scale on it.

I love this quilt and I really want it finished so I think this must be a priority.

This is one of this year's flimsies. I really wanted to make a Halloween quilt so I made the blocks and put it together. I had 3 goes at quilting it but none of them worked so I want to put it out for quilting but at present I can't afford it but hopefully in the New Year I can and it will become a 2012 finish. 
This is the 2nd flimsy from this year. It is quilted, bound and I just need to finish hand stitching the binding down. This should be done this week.
I've slowly done a bit more to my Grandmother's flower garden quilt. I did a lot when I was on holiday in France in June but I've not touched it since. Again I'm not pushing it.
These rail fence blocks are for charity lap quilts for work so I'll just keep plugging away at these as and when I feel like it.
This a block from 'Double Nine Patch' from Fons & Porter Love of Quilts July/August 2011. I fell in love with this quilt and decided to had piece the blocks. I'll hand quilt it as well.

I made these blocks for 2 baby quilts but have changed my mind about the suitability of such pale colours for crawling babies and toddlers. The quilts were for twins. I've started other quilts for them which will be much more suitable. I will make up these quilts as I need to make a quilt for a gift as the fabric is lovely.
These blocks are from Barbara Brackman's Civil War BOW. I am very behind with these blocks. I have got some cut out waiting to be made up and then I need to catch with the others. I really want to finish this quilt so I intend to get the blocks finished as soon as possible even if i don't get the quilt made up into a flimsy.
This quilt top is one of four small lap quilts I'm making for work. These must be finished as soon as possible so after Christmas I must get moving on them.
This is a quilt I started because I had seen a similar quilt and I really wanted to make it. This is one block but it is nearly at the flimsy stage so this could possibly be a finish for 2012

Henrietta Whiskers - I've got 2 blocks made. At some point I'll be inspired to finish it as I still love it.
These blocks are a spin off from the Rouenneries quilt featured above. They will probably make a lap quilt but I've got to finish the blocks for the other quilt first.
This is one of the first quilts I made - a disappearing 9 patch. I'm hand quilting it so who knows how long it will take me to finish it as it doesn't really inspire me now.

This quilt is the 2nd one I've made out of this fabric. The other one is quilted and has been given as a gift. I'll quilt this one when I need a gift.

This quilt is 'Stepping Stones' from one of Pam & Nicki Lintott's books. The fabric is Moda Morris Workshop. I love this so this must be a finish. A new Morris fabric range is out and I would really like some of it.

The fabric range is Moda Hemming House and the blocks for this quilt have been made for ages. One to finish ASAP.

As above, using the same pattern which is from Fabric Trends magazine.

This is Bunny Hill's Postcard Cuties. I've wanted to make this for ages. The blocks are made but the applique need to be done. As I've got a lot of handwork prepared I need to decide which I want to do fisrt and get on with it.
I think I need to  apply the same reasoning I do to clothes buying - I need to take more time thinking about the quilt and fabric to make sure I really, really want to make the quilt/buy the fabric.

As I see it I have 2 priorities - the Rouenneries and Morris Workshop quilts. As for hand work I think I want to work on hand quilting the international 9 patch blocks and hand piecing the Double 9 patch blocks, then if I fancy some applique I'll have a go at Henritta Whiskers. My 2012 finishes hopefully will include some knitting projects. I am not so sure about cross stitch projects as I am having so much trouble seeing to do cross stitch now.


sunny said...

Well you certainly have a lot of starts! I've been thinking of setting "12 in 12" as my goal for next year. I started making a list of all the projects that I had patterns AND fabric for, and the list quickly got out of hand. Good luck with your list!!

Jackie said...

You've got some great WIPs to work on! I've ended my year with a lot of fabric purchasing. Hoping I start 2012 more conservatively!

Miss 376 said...

It does us good from time to time to review what we have on the go and set priorities. I have a few tops that need making up, so I'm concentrating on those, otherwise, there is a bit of hand work to do too

Andrea said...

Gorgeous projects and you're very brave to reveal them all - lol ! Funnily I was planning a similar thing for next year too - maybe not 12 finishes but I have a few long term UFO's that I would love to get done xx

Cardygirl said...

I think we all get seduced by the new fabrics we "have" to have! It is nice to see your works in progress and hear your plan for 2012...enjoy as you have some great projects there!!