Wednesday, 14 December 2011

An evening out

This evening DD, Oh! Bearded One, J, her husband C & myself went into central Manchester to the German Christmas Market. J & C & DD have been before but it was the first time Oh! Bearded One and myself have been.

It was great fun!! Loads of people, loads of food and loads of Christmas lights - a really lovely atmosphere! It was very cold though.

DD & I bought some Christmas decorations and we also bought some German sausage and marshmellows.

Here we are, drinking Gluhwein, which was lovely on such a cold evening.

This time of year is very different to this time last year. On the 14th of December last year Oh! Bearded One was having to have his eye surgically removed due to eye cancer (Choroidal Melanoma). Here we are, a year later with him fully recovered and a good prognosis!


Linda Coleman said...

lovely photos, looks like you were all having a good time despite the cold. What a difference a year can make.

Diane said...

That looks fun. Good to hear he is recovered. xxxx