Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A walk - part 1

As promised, a walk! in 2 parts as I think there are too many photos for one post. The Oh! Bearded One, Meg (dog) and I did this walk on 4th Sept (our wedding aniversary, 29 years). It was a nice, warm afternoon for a change. The photo above shows the local Methodist church. My children went to Sunday school and I worshiped here when they were little. 

All over Cheshire there are sign posts like this, I love them, I love the old fashioned style.

This mosiac is fairly new and I wasn't aware it was here, just shows how long it is since I walked through the village rather drove through it. It shows the church & new hall, a canal (you can't go far in Cheshire and not encounter water in one form or another), the symbol for the local independant school and the influence of salt on the area.

St John's church and brand new church hall. This is the church DD & Gromit got married in (nearly a year ago!)

You will see a theme developing here - black and white buildings, Cheshire is famous for them!

Hartford Hall hotel. Part of the hotel was a 17th Century Nunnery and Manor house! The old part of the hotel is lovely - log fires and old oak beams

Part 2 tomorrow!


Jackie said...

You live in a beautiful village - lots of wonderful things to see on your walk!

sunny said...

I love seeing your village through your eyes. thanks for taking us along.

OzRose said...

Beautiful! is all I can say and totally agree with Jackie. Hubby and I love looking at buildings as he builds miniature houses so is always looking for 'new' ideas!! Looking forward to part 2 of the walk:)