Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Empty nests!

Karen at Sew Many Ways has set up a club..............

......................An empty nesters club (click on the button to join yourself)

which is very appropriate as SofM has gone back off to Edinburgh for the new academic year.

He didn't want me to take his photo!

I've spent the afternoon mucking out his bedroom, 4 months of dust bunnies and lots of rubbish! not to mention mucky socks and boxers (probably too much information! -lol)

I've taken over his space until next summer, when I suppose he'll be back whilst he tries to get a job. I've moved the room around to make it better for me to use as a sewing space as The Oh! Bearded One is fed up with me using the dining table and although I have a desk in his office I don't like to sew when he is working as I don't want to disturb him so using SofM's bedroom will better, especially as I want to do lots of sewing on the run up to Christmas.


Jackie said...

Mucking is a good word! It would apply to what needs to be done to my sons room too. Congratulations on getting a space of your own!

Ann Marie said...

Now only if mine would move out and stay out. Every time they come back, they bring more stuff and another body too. But when that all happens, we won't have a need for this big ol house anymore.