Tuesday, 27 September 2011


During August a village I drive through to get to work held a Scarecrow festival and a flower festival. The village is called Lower Peover (pronouced pever, not pea over as we thought when we first moved to Cheshire). This village's other claim to fame, other than the odd Scarecrow festival, is that General George S Paton and General Eisenhower held meetings with senior members of the British War Cabinet about D Day in the local pub.

Anyway, getting back to the scarecrows!

..............they started appearing all over the village about 3-4 weeks before the flower festival was held.

I just loved this one!

This is the second festival the village has had, I think it is great fun! 

Friday, 23 September 2011

A walk - Part 2

We've left the village behind and we are now out on the main road (A556) between Manchester in the north and Chester in the south. This bridge is known as the Blue bridge for obvious reasons. It was built in 1938 and it carried the Northwich bypass over the River Weaver.

Just before the bridge is a footpath down to the river. 

We are now looking back at the bridge but walking towards Northwich.

This lock is Hunt's Lock.

With the railway viaduct in the background.

A closer view of the viaduct. You can't go far in Northwich without coming across part of its' industrial heritage.

This is Riversdale swing bridge, a new bridge that has replaced an older structure that had become too dangerous to use. It was opened in December 2010

This is St John Deane's 6th form college. It was a grammar school and dates back to 1557 and it is one of the best 6th form colleges in England. Both my children went there. DD did a year there to do her AS levels and SofM spent 2 years there, doing his A levels. This photo shows the old part of the college, on the other side of this building is a brand new building with state of art everything.

Riversdale bridge again. This bridge links our side of Northwich with the college side of Northwich. Unfortuately the bridge was closed whilst my 2 were at Sir John Deane's, they had to go the long way round. We are lucky it was opened again, National lottey money and Sustrans (national safe cycle routes) were responsible for getting it open again. 

This is an Edwardian pumping station. It was build in 1910 and pumped sewage from the low laying areas of Northwich to the main sewage works on the other side of town. It is now a grade 2 listed building which means it is protected by law from being knocked down or altered. There are a few grade 2 listed structures in the Northwich area as a result of its' industrial past.

Views of the river Weaver and the boat marina in the centre of town, less than a mile away from our house.

I hope you enjoyed your jaunt through Northwich.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A walk - part 1

As promised, a walk! in 2 parts as I think there are too many photos for one post. The Oh! Bearded One, Meg (dog) and I did this walk on 4th Sept (our wedding aniversary, 29 years). It was a nice, warm afternoon for a change. The photo above shows the local Methodist church. My children went to Sunday school and I worshiped here when they were little. 

All over Cheshire there are sign posts like this, I love them, I love the old fashioned style.

This mosiac is fairly new and I wasn't aware it was here, just shows how long it is since I walked through the village rather drove through it. It shows the church & new hall, a canal (you can't go far in Cheshire and not encounter water in one form or another), the symbol for the local independant school and the influence of salt on the area.

St John's church and brand new church hall. This is the church DD & Gromit got married in (nearly a year ago!)

You will see a theme developing here - black and white buildings, Cheshire is famous for them!

Hartford Hall hotel. Part of the hotel was a 17th Century Nunnery and Manor house! The old part of the hotel is lovely - log fires and old oak beams

Part 2 tomorrow!

Monday, 19 September 2011

On Friday I tried to quilt this quilt for the third time, it is just not happening, I had to unpick the stitching and I am now giving it up as a bad job. Jude, this quilt will be heading your way when I can afford to have it quilted but I've 2 baby quilts to have done first. I'm not even attempting them!

Earlier last week I was working on these, they are not finished and I'm not telling you what they are for!

I've had a fantastic response to my plea for 1.5 inch strips - thank you, ladies, so much.

Tomorrow I'll take you on a walk.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Cheeky Ask!

As I've posted before I've started making these blocks from my 1.5 inch scraps. The problem I've come up against now is that I've not got enough variety of scraps. Why is this a problem you ask? just wait until you do have enough.

Now I would wait except I want to sell some wheelchair quilts at my work's Christmas fair. I made 4 small quilt tops like the one you see in this photo but I've lost 3 of them (I suspect in the deep depths of the loft as I haven't found them in my sewing stuff) so I thought I would use the scrappy rail fence blocks to make some more. My lovely old ladies feel the cold even in a centrally heated home.

Where the cheeky ask comes in- is - I am wondering whether you lovely ladies could spare a few 1.5 inch strips for me to use in these blocks. I want to make 4-6 quilts measuring 36 inchs square and if I don't sell the quilts I will donate them to the home. I am trying to sell them first as it will make more money for the residents fund.

If you are willing to help me please either e-mail me or leave me a comment.

Thank you in anticipation.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Whilst I watched 'Homes under the Hammer' and 'To build or not to build' I worked a little on this little cross stitch...........

......................and I sewed a bit more binding on this little quilt. I've got 3 more of these quilts and I don't what I've done with them! 

This afternoon, following my success of 'mucking' out SofM's bedroom, I 'mucked' out my own bedroom. It was nearly as bad as SofM's. I still need to clean the windows and I also want to go through my wardrobe. I usually do that at this time of year as the weather turns cooler. I also try to decide what I need to add to my clothes, this year it is a pair of black trousers as the last pair I had were too small for me!

After all that hard work I am now taking it easy! I do have to say I did find it hard work and my back aches, I'm either old or unfit of both!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Empty nests!

Karen at Sew Many Ways has set up a club..............

......................An empty nesters club (click on the button to join yourself)

which is very appropriate as SofM has gone back off to Edinburgh for the new academic year.

He didn't want me to take his photo!

I've spent the afternoon mucking out his bedroom, 4 months of dust bunnies and lots of rubbish! not to mention mucky socks and boxers (probably too much information! -lol)

I've taken over his space until next summer, when I suppose he'll be back whilst he tries to get a job. I've moved the room around to make it better for me to use as a sewing space as The Oh! Bearded One is fed up with me using the dining table and although I have a desk in his office I don't like to sew when he is working as I don't want to disturb him so using SofM's bedroom will better, especially as I want to do lots of sewing on the run up to Christmas.