Friday, 8 July 2011


Now, as you long time quilty girls know, when you quilt you make scraps - all shapes and sizes!!!

And lots of quilters talk about trying to use their scraps up. Bonnie Hunter is a great source of information when trying to sort and store your scraps and I am sort of using some of her advice but I've only recently started to have enough scraps to do something with. As I love 9 patch and Grandmother's flower garden blocks, a lot of my scraps will be cut into 2.5 inch patches but I fell in love with the rail fence quilt on the front cover of August's American Patchwork & Quilting magazine   ...............  so here is my first block using my scraps for this quilt. It is very simple and I'd give you the block measurements & strip sizes but I'm concerned that I would unwittingly be in breach of copyright.


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

That's a lovely scrsppy block. I found Bonnie's stash suggestions some years ago, and gave adapted it for me: I have a 2" drawer, a 2.5" drawer and "random" drawer for bigger and smaller strips (with a plastic bag of selvedge edges). I rarely sew with small squares so I don't keep them. I saw a blog last week where ther writer (wish I could remember who, might be on Pinterest) makes one scrappy quilt a year. I'm not sure I'll ever create that many left overs annually, but I think might be ready to do one now. The rail fence is certainly a contender!

Mrs Dibble said...

Ah scraps....I was standing before the 4 very large plastic tubs of quilt fabric in my garage, thinking that I really do not need to buy fabric for EVER. But how is it that whenever you start looking for a particular piece - small roses on pink say - nothing like it in the stash!! I went to a quilting weekend once where we were told to bring a paper bag with 50 random 5" squares and we just pulled two squares blindly out of the bags and sewed them together and then sewed them to the block that our neighbour had made...and went on till all had been used up. Then they were sewn together and it looked magnificent. Being a bit OCD I was sure it would look like a dogs breakfast but it was great....lesson learned, will start a scrap quilt tomorrow!!