Monday, 11 July 2011

I shouldn't do it!

Yesterday Jan (DD's MIL & my close quilting friend) & I went to Chester, to Liberty Bell, a wonderful quilting and American whismeys gift shop. We love this shop and if you ever visit Chester you must go.

Anyway, I bought this fabric. The FQ's are for my Civil War BOW and the pink and brown fabric are for a new quilt. This is where the title of my post came in.

 The object of my desire is in this magazine.

 This is the quilt, I love it!!

It is just coincidence that my pink fabric is the same as in the mag but I'm using a brown fabric for the sashings as I don't like the blue.

I really shouldn't start another quilt as I've so much already on the go but I have just fallen in love and it is also a good way to use up some scraps.

 The sahings and pink squares all cut out.

In the instructions for this quilt the 9 patches are machined in strip sets but I've decided to hand piece it and hand quilt it so it should keep me going for the next 10 years even though I'm not going to make it as big as the pattern. I've been having great fun finding and cutting up 1 & a half inch squares for the 9 patches.

 I've got this very cute tin to be able to carry this project around in.

In other news you may have heard in the news that the UK's biggest Care Home operator is closing. I work for this operator. It has been an unsettling time and it isn't getting better at present. I think is highly unlikely my home will close but we expect to have a new owner and of course it is a very worrying time for our older people who live in our homes.


Linda Coleman said...

I hope things don't get too stressful for you at work. Just take it out on the needle and thread.
Best Wishes

Jackie said...

No one here is going to tell you to not start another quilt! I think your new start is going to look great with brown instead of the blue. I'd much prefer it over the blue too. Enjoy!

Miss 376 said...

I did wonder if that was the case after your comment the other week. Not an easy time for everyone concerned. Hope it all works out for you

Joyus said...

I hope things work out with your job. Love the stash purchases.

Sue said...

What a lovely quilt. It should help take your mind off the stress of changes at work.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

More lovely fabrics! But hand piecing, golly you have got some patience! Hope the job gets sorted