Thursday, 28 July 2011

A boat trip!

On Saturday we met up with some friends that own a canal boat. Although the friends are from Sheffield, their boat was moored up in our part of the world.

Their intention was to go down this...................and they invited us knowing we like canals.

This is the Anderton boat lift. It dates back to 1875 and was built to take working boats carrying cargoes up and down between the Trent & Mersey canal and the River Weaver. It was operational until 1983 when it was found to have severe corrosion and to be structurally unsound. 

When we came to Cheshire from Sheffield in 1992 the boat lift was derelict and a very sorry sight, in fact it couldn't be seen because the trees had grown up all round it. During the 1990's there was a huge fund raising project to restore it. There is a visitors' centre which can be approached by road or canal with a nice cafe.We often walk the dog on this part of the canal as it is only a mile away from home.

The boat was originally a working butty boat dating back to 1912 but it was converted to a leisure boat in the early 1980's

Here you can just see a little bit of the inside of the boat, it even has a household washing machine in it.

Here, we were waiting on the canal bank to board the boat.

Some other canal users!

This is a lock, a big lock on the River Weaver which able to take a sea going vessel. There was our boat and another behind us and there was still plenty of room for quite a few more boats!

The lock gates, which were huge and also original from when the  lock was built.

The gates opening to reveal the river

The lock had taken us down about 2 feet between the 2 different levels of the river.

This is a swing road bridge over the river, it is part of the A49 going towards Warrington. We moored up just past the bridge and went to a pub on the right hand of the river, just off the side of the photo. It is a pub we use quite a lot for lunch.


Linda Coleman said...

what a great trip. Looks like you had good weather too.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

How exciting, have you done the boat lift, or are you heading for it?