Monday, 23 May 2011

Quilts for Twins

As you may have read recently I have a work colleague who is having twins. They are due in November. I had already decided to make her a baby quilt and had chosen which one I was going to make.

I had chosen one from this book. I am using a Moda Lily & Will jelly roll so when I cut out the one I wanted to make I cut out another one at the same time, knowing it would come in. Well! it has now.

This one is called 'Building Blocks'

 This one is 'Stepping Stones'

The basic block is the same for both quilts, a 9 patch with surrounding strips of the same design.

One quilt needs 13 blocks and the other needs 12. I cut the quilts out back in the middle of April and I made the blocks up last week. I am probably now going to leave the blocks for a while, until I am on holiday later in the year. I'll have time to make up the quilt tops and quilt them. I've bought the batting too. I don't want to make them up completely until she is further on in the pregnancy. I am not particularly superstitious but I would like her to be further on before I finish the quilts.

The colours are quite pale but they look more washed out on this photo than they actually are. 

I won't be knitting as well for these babies becuase her Mum has already started.


sunny said...

What a great gift! I'm sure Mum will be thrilled. The fabric and patterns are very nic.

Miss 376 said...

Love the colours of these quilts, going to be beautiful