Saturday, 28 May 2011

My weekend!

This weekend is taken up with working and going to fetch SofM back from university.

I should have gone yesterday but a work colleague is poorly, in hospital, so I am covering some of her hours she should have worked this weekend. I put my trip off until tomorrow, I am going to work in the morning and then I 'll drive up the motorway as soon as I leave work.

SofM is at university in Edinburgh which is a lovely place to go for part of a Bank Holiday weekend. It is a 4-5 hour drive from Cheshire but hopefully the traffic won't be too bad. The Oh! Bearded One is not going with me as he is in Wales on a Scouting weekend.

I will be taking my sock with me. I've actually turned the heel on this so I am now knitting the instep. I've still got to graft the toes on another pair as well.

See you Tuesday. Hope you have a good weekend.


Miss 376 said...

Have a safe journey

Quilting Grannie said...

I knitted one pair of socks. They did okay. Son no. 3 wore them inside his rubber boots.

mandycharlie said...

Our sons seem foremost in our thoughts, it is so nice to see them when miles and time keep us away.

Sue said...

Love the sock. My favorite colors are pinks and purples. It's always fun to work with colors you really enjoy.