Monday, 25 April 2011

Cross stitch update

This is where I'm up to with Dad's wizard. I have to say it's not been touched for a week or two. I'll have another go at it later in the week, on evenings I've been at work, I find an hour spend on it each evening on the days I work 12 hours helps it to grow.

Someone else on another blog (sorry, at present I can't bring to mind who) suggested we show the back of our work if we are brave enough so here's the back of 'wizard'

When I was in Wales a few weeks ago I came across a wool shop in Fishguard. It is a lovely wool shop with a cafe attached to it. Not only does the shop sell up to date patterns and yarns, it also sells patterns and some yarns going back to the 70s and 80s. I bought several patterns including the one above (I bet you remember this one, Jan) I knitted with one of these yarns the first time round. I like the pattern and I think it could look good in a modern yarn so I started knitting it in Sirdar Calico. Even though the tension is roughly the same it came out really big so I ripped it back and I am knitting a different pattern that's turning out much better. I am going to have another go at this, it will not defeat me as I like it too much.

Before it was 'frogged'

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Sue said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Wizard done. I've been cross stitching lately, but I won't show the backs.