Thursday, 31 March 2011

St David's

As you are aware the Oh! Bearded One & I had a few days away in St David's, Wales. St David's is the smallest city in the UK because of the beautiful cathedral. Really St David's is a village and an attractive one. The cathedral has been a place of pilgrimage since the 12th century.

The cathedral

The Oh! Bearded One in the garden of the cathedral.

In the cathedral there a lot of kneelers that have been hand stitched. Unfortuately I've no more info about them.

But aren't they pretty?


sunny said...

How is it that I've not discovered your blog before? I've looked back through several posts, and we do have a lot in common. I'll be back!

Heather's Stitching Story said...

Just beautiful and I love Wales!

Mrs Dibble said...

How did you get the bearded one to pose with the husband hates having his picture taken....the kneelers are wonderful. Glad to see you had a good time in is on my list of places to visit. Happy Easter - Eleanor

Needled Mom said...

Your pictures are just gorgeous. I love the stiched kneelers too. Think of all of the time that was put into them.

Sue said...

The kneelers are lovely. Such a lot of work.

Lynn said...

i would love the royal couple thank you. i think you have a great blogg. lynn