Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I thought I would show you some old needlecases I own. These needlecases have belonged to various members of our family but apart from one I'm not sure who they belonged to. If I remember rightly they all came out my MIL's sewing box when we cleared the house after both my MIL and FIL had died. We cleared the house in 2005.

I love this case as it is cross stitched on Hardanger fabric with what looks like a piece of old blanket in it. The Hardanger fabric is stretched over cardboard and lined with brushed cotton.

 This needlecase was stitched by the Oh! Bearded One when he was in primary school in Norwich. He told me he was about 10 when he made it and he enjoyed doing it. He also said he wouldn't know where to start now to make it.
 His Mum must of used judging by the needles in it. It is stitched on rug canvas with thick cotton and lined with some sort of man made fabric

 I love this needlecase, I love it because it is flowery and a sunhat.
The brim and base are cardboard by the feel of it, I'm not sure how the crown is formed though.

 It is very neatly stitched.

 This isn't technically a needlecase. It is more of a purse. It is cross stitched on Binca with thick cotton, then lined with cotton. The lining is attached using button hole stitch

These items live in a drawer, I don't want to use them as they are quite fragile now.


Andrea said...

They're all lovely - real treasures xx

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

What a lovely collection. I use two - one I made for my great aunt about 40 years ago that came back to me when she died aged 93, and the other one my youngest made me about 4 years ago...hers is better!

Sue said...

What a nice collection. I especially like the hat. I don't have a needlecase. I keep my needles in an old pill bottle.