Thursday, 31 March 2011

St David's

As you are aware the Oh! Bearded One & I had a few days away in St David's, Wales. St David's is the smallest city in the UK because of the beautiful cathedral. Really St David's is a village and an attractive one. The cathedral has been a place of pilgrimage since the 12th century.

The cathedral

The Oh! Bearded One in the garden of the cathedral.

In the cathedral there a lot of kneelers that have been hand stitched. Unfortuately I've no more info about them.

But aren't they pretty?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


One of my collegues will be having a baby in November God willing. I've been wanting to make a baby quilt for ages and I've got my wish. I ordered a Lily & Wil jelly roll from the Fat Quarter shop (I love this shop)

I chose the green & brown colour way as my collegue is a modern girl and it will suit her and her home. I am going to use a pattern from 'Two from One Jelly Roll Quilts' by Pam & Nicki Lincott. I'm looking forward to make this. I'll have enough of the jelly roll to make another quilt as well. 

Here's where I've got with Dad's wizard. I've done an hour or so most evenings so it is coming on but there is still loads to do so it will keep me quite for ages yet.

Now for a give away. I got this chart free with 'Cross Stitch Collection' magazine. I won't do this design so who wants it? Just make a comment in the comments box and I will make the draw on 6th April

Not working today as I just couldn't get going today, woke weepy and low. Fortuately I should have been in the office today and things are quiet. I 'm more put together now and I am going to see the G.P next Wednesday (couldn't get an appointment until then)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I am still plodding on, still a bit low in mood. I enjoyed Wales though.

Still knitting and cross stitching (hopefully a photo of the cross stitch later in the week), no quilting.

We've had a sickness bug at work which isn't fun, I'm hoping I don't go down with it, I had in October but unfortuately immunity only lasts 3 months!

Photos later in the week!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A funny old week!

I've had a funny old week. My working week has been strange, by the end of the of the week I'll have done 2 twelve hour days and the rest of my hours at home and in a meeting. I've also been very 'down' in mood. The national and international news is worrying and your heart goes out to all the people that are suffering in the world. I try to count my blessings as I've lots of them but because of my depression I find I'm very affected by external factors even though I try very hard to use coping strategies.

I've not done any quilting this week and it is unlikely I'll do any for the next 2 weeks because we are away in Wales for a long weekend and then I work 9 days straight. The photo above shows what I was up to the last time I sat in front of the sewing machine - candle mats!- using Moda Fresh Cottons. I also quilted one of my 'charity' quilts which now needs the binding on it. 

 Like a lot of blog land I've bought this book, it is lovely and there are some really cute quilts. I've also enjoyed the history in it. I am looking forward to making one or two quilts from it.

 I've been plugging away at this cross stitch, I've added a bit more than is shown here.

Sorry, I can't resist this photo of Meg that DD took, she just happened to be around to capture Meg on camera late one evening.

On the knitting front I have been working on the cushion on the front of this book (I've got the American version, cheapest option on Amazon). I've done half the back and 6 of the 9 squares for the front. I love, love, love the yarn that this cushion is knitted it - Rowan Felted Tweed. I could knit acres and acres with it, not necessarily making anything in particular.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cross Stitch Part 2

Here are some more of my WIPs

This is the newest wip, I bought this design before Christmas, started it with great enthusiasm and this is how far I've got. In my defense I am finding it very hard to stitch pale colours on pale fabric. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I will need to stitch this one over the summer in good day light.

This lady is for DD and is one of a pair, it is also another one that I'm stuggling with, needing daylight for but I've got to get on with this as DD will probably move out sometime this year and will want them for her new home.

I started this one ages ago, probably around 2005. I think I started it in mind to give my Mum. I've done quite a bit of work on this one over the last week or so.

It is a design from 'The World of Cross Stitching' magazine

Unfortunately I can't find the colour picture of this one and I can't remember when I started it but it is a while ago. I know that because since I started quilting around the time I started this blog in 2007 I've hardly done any cross stitch although it used to be my first love.

This design is of a wizard with a dragon and a crystal ball and it is for my Dad. He is a great fan of this sort of thing and would love me to do one of the designs on black fabric that are about but my eyes can't cope so this one will have to do.

Now Manxgirl posted about her wips the other day and I contacted her to invite her to join me in a stitch along to encourage us to get some of our wips finished. We will be posting a photo of our success or otherwise once a week. I am going to concentrate on the wizard for Dad as I would like it finished for his birthday in August.

There is cross stitch part 3 to come and these are the kits I've got in hand waiting to be started-LOL

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cross Stitch Part 1

The other day I got out all my cross stitch WIPs. There are a lot of them and since I've photographed these I've found another one!

 I rather like cross stitch maps, I've completed two and these are the others I have in progress. This one is of the Cheshire ring which is a canal circuit and we have been on part of it in a canal boat.

This map is of the whole of the canal network of England.

 I've done the map of Derbyshire in this series and we now live in Cheshire I wanted to do the cheshire map
 This is how far I've got and I probably started it in the early 90's

Showing Northwich here!
We love the Lake District so of course I wanted the map. This one isn't started yet!

The Oh! Bearded One wants me to get them finished!

I've got a few more to show you!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I thought I would show you some old needlecases I own. These needlecases have belonged to various members of our family but apart from one I'm not sure who they belonged to. If I remember rightly they all came out my MIL's sewing box when we cleared the house after both my MIL and FIL had died. We cleared the house in 2005.

I love this case as it is cross stitched on Hardanger fabric with what looks like a piece of old blanket in it. The Hardanger fabric is stretched over cardboard and lined with brushed cotton.

 This needlecase was stitched by the Oh! Bearded One when he was in primary school in Norwich. He told me he was about 10 when he made it and he enjoyed doing it. He also said he wouldn't know where to start now to make it.
 His Mum must of used judging by the needles in it. It is stitched on rug canvas with thick cotton and lined with some sort of man made fabric

 I love this needlecase, I love it because it is flowery and a sunhat.
The brim and base are cardboard by the feel of it, I'm not sure how the crown is formed though.

 It is very neatly stitched.

 This isn't technically a needlecase. It is more of a purse. It is cross stitched on Binca with thick cotton, then lined with cotton. The lining is attached using button hole stitch

These items live in a drawer, I don't want to use them as they are quite fragile now.