Monday, 28 February 2011

Civil War blocks

Here is my next crop of civil war blocks

Log Cabin - of course!

Birds in the air


Kanas Troubles

Cotton Boll

All nine together


Sandy said...

Hi Ailsa, thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love making baby quilts with "KP Kids". They are so BRIGHT! I have been collecting reproduction fabrics also. One day soon, I hope to start one of Jo Morton's quilts.

Mrs Dibble said...

Morning Ailsa...thank you for following my blog...I have done a block of the month Civil War quilt too....I started the block of the month thinking "This will be easy....only one block a month" - how stupid was I!!!!! Did the first month with great enthusiasm and then they started to pile up like a multi-car crash on the motorway....but I did finish it in the end, after taking it to work and doing it by hand. Needless to say have not quilted it yet. But now I am inspired to dig it out of the sewing room and quilt the thing. Civil war fabrics are so lovely .....