Monday, 28 February 2011

Civil War blocks

Here is my next crop of civil war blocks

Log Cabin - of course!

Birds in the air


Kanas Troubles

Cotton Boll

All nine together

Sunday, 27 February 2011

This week

I've had a week's annual leave from work.

We have had Oh! Bearded One's cousin (P) to stay for a couple of days which was really enjoyable.

I've taught P, the very basics of quilting.....................

 We started with a Moda charm pack called Awesome.

 I showed her how to lay the patches out to get a pleasing design then to sew them together, butting up the seams and using a rotary cutter to cut out the borders. She got as far as sewing the inner side borders on. She will now try to finish it at home.

 Whilst P was here we went for a walk around Vale Royal Abbey (if you use this link explore the site as this Abbey site goes back 100's of years and there is a good history page)

 I've lived in this area for nearly 20 years and although I know of the place and have passed the end of the drive many, many times I haven't actually seen it.

 It is a very imposing building as it is now but when it was an Abbey back in the 13th Century it really must have been something to see! The present building was build in the 19th Century.

It also helped that it was a beautiful day, reasonably warm, dry and sunny!

 Today it is Gromit's 25th birthday. DD made him a cake

 He wasn't impressed having his photo taken!

Hopefully I'll post quite a lot this week as I've taken loads of photos today.

Monday, 21 February 2011

I've been up to this!

 Last week, on one of my days off I bought this magazine. In the village about 2 miles away there is a really good newsagents. They stock lots of craft magazines including ones form the US. It is a bit varible what they have in but generally we get most of the popular ones.

In this particular magazine there are several projects I like. This was one project I thought I could get on with straight away. I've wanted a bag for work that is a bit bigger that the average handbag but not as big as a holdall. Many of the handbags in the shops are too big and too expensive. I decided that this one would fit the bill.
 I've used the fabric left over from Mum & Dad's quilt that I made them from Christmas. This fabric range is Makower's Winchester.
 I'm really pleased with how it turned out and it is the right size. It is the first bag I've made like this and I think I will be making some more.

 On the same afternoon I made this little glasses case for my boss. She has some little off the peg reading glasses that she tends to leave by the computer. I thought a little case was just the thing and made it out of scraps. I'm going to make some more to sell at work but I need to resize the pattern because it isn't really big enough for the average pair of glasses.

 The week before last I bought 2 Moda Portobella Market Charm packs form Quilter's Trading Post & 2 metres of a medium design from the range from Lymington Fabrics. I've been following Melissa from Happy Quilting. She has designed a quilt along but me being me, I can't wait for her posts so I'm having a go on my own. I don't think it will be quite the same but the dsign will be near enough.

 All the bits are cut out, this is the first full block I've done and the the other 8 4 patch centre blocks are done. I think I am going to have a go at quilting this as a I go as the finshed quilt top will measure in the region of 48" if I don't put borders on it. I won't manage to quilt the whole thing myself and I can only afford to send certain tops to be quilted.

 I've joined in Bunny Hill's Henritta Whiskers free BOM. The fabric I am using is Moda Garden Party, I'm using a layer cake and some FQs, wool is also used in this project. This is going to be such a cute quilt and becuase there is some hand stitching as well as machine stitching I will really enjoy doing it. I have also got the blocks made for her design 'Postcard Cuties for Winter'. I've just got to get on the the applique and handstitching.

I've also finished the back of my waistcoat.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

A trip out!

2 weeks ago J, J's DD, my DD & myself went to a cafe in Chester where you can paint pottery. I was very sceptical at first as I can't paint or draw and didn't think I would enjoy it. I only wanted to go with them because I was promised a trip to Liberty Bell. Liberty Bell is the most wonderful quilting and American gift shop in the middle of Chester. Just before Christmas it was absolutely beautiful.

Anyway back to the pottery painting. This cafe is tucked away near one of the Chester walls. They offer various pieces of pottery to paint and they also do good, reasonably priced food. As you can see I painted a pot stand with various quilting blocks! I really enjoyed myself and I would go back (DD's boel turned out well too!)

DD made me this little wool heart, the ribbon on it came from Liberty Bell.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

My bed quilt

This last week I've been puttering about, both at work and at home. Work isn't very busy at present, we've got empty beds, we think, because of the hard winter and the country's financial situation, so not too much stress at present.

 DD has been on nights this week which means if we are at home during the day we have to be very quiet as she doen't sleep well. So what can a Mum do? Quilt of course! I've been working on various things but the main one has been the Rouenneries quilt for my bed. As you can see above I want to set the blocks on point. I've done another block since this photo. I've even worked out how big the setting triangles need to be.

Here is the pile of pieces I need to make 36 12" star blocks to make my king sized quilt.

 Now the side effect of this quilt is production of loads of  triangles as a by-product of the middle square and the flying geese piecing.

 So what do you do with loads of these?

 You make loads of these of course!

 Pinwheel blocks!
From every main 12" block I get 3 pinwheel blocks. Put together I think these will make a lovely little lap quilt by the time I'm done.

I'm beginning to feel like a proper quilter!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Good News!

The Oh! Bearded One received a letter today. Nothing unusual in that..................but this one was special because it told him that he has no greater risk of developing cancer in the future than before he had the eye cancer. They can't be 100% sure but they seem to be 99% sure..................hooray!

I will update you at the weekend with my quilty endeavours.