Thursday, 13 January 2011

A finish & a couple of half way throughs!

For you cross stitichers out there - do you remember this? Lanarte produced it as a celebration of the Millennium.My Mum bought for me as a birthday present in 1998, I think. My idea was to have it completed in time to hang it for the beginning of 2000.

Slight problem, 12-13 years on, its still not finished. It is my longest UFO.

 2011's goal is to finish it. I still like it very much and would like it on my wall.

Every so often throughout the year I would like you to ask me how I am getting on with it, I need keeping on the straight and narrow! If I don't finish it I will have to pay a forfeit in the form of a giveaway. So don't forget remind me. I have a memory like a sieve, my boss calls me colander girl!

 My waistcoat - a short way up the back!

.........and the finish! Washed and dried this afternoon...............and for you pre washers! no prewashing for me, just a couple of dye catchers did the trick, no bleeding at all.


Mary-Frances said...

Oh good, glad to see I'm not the only one with cross-stitch UFO's that are 10 years or more!! I'll sneak in a reminder every so often just to keep you on your toes! :-)

Sue said...

Love that yarn and the cross stitch looks very interesting. I'll try to remember to ask about it from time to time.

Miss 376 said...

Lovely finish and the colours of the waistcoat are falling together very nicely

Laurie said...

As you noticed I have many projects older than 10 years. I edited my 9-patch post to include some numbers... Now I need to get to work. I love the Millennium cross- stitch. Good luck finishing it.
I prewash everything! My Mother made me when I was little and I just continued....