Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Books & Meg!

Today I sorted out my books, mainly fiction ones but I'm going take my nursing text books to work where the should be used more effectively. I have halved my fiction collection & Sue, I've only got rid of one craft book. I've still got a lot of books and a lot of them are new and I must get on and read them.

Tomorrow poor old Meg has to go to the vet and have a general anesthetic to enable the vet to deep clean her ears. Over the last year we've had ongoing problems with her stratching her ears. She has had cleaning ear drops several times. Before Christmas she was treated with antibiotic ear drops for a fungal infection. She has been fine for about a month but last week she started stratching again so back to the vet she went. Apparently there is deep seated ear wax that needs to be got rid of. I hope she is sorted out for a bit by having this proceedure. 


annieb said...

Poor Meg. I hope it goes well for her.

Sue said...

I'm glad to hear your books are going to homes that will love them. My books are almost like my children.

My Monty used to have ear infections constantly. Several times he had t be put out and have his ears deep cleaned. I hope it gives Meg some relief.