Monday, 17 January 2011


Today I have audited all my fabric and some of my yarn. I've been listing my fabric in a little book for a while but today I transferred this information into another little book and at the same time I checked that the info was correct. It was, pretty much. I also have listed all my started projects including start dates. It is quite scary how long some of these projects have been on the go.

The main reason for doing this today was to get an idea of what I want to buy when J & I go the the quilt fabric sale in Nantwich on Sunday. This is an annual event and this will be the 3rd time I've been. Fabric can be bought quite bit cheaper and this has to be my last blow out for a bit as I've now got quite a stash and money is a bit tight in our house at present. I want to buy fabric to finish things already started or planned and I also want some backing fabric.

I've reorganised the fabric & yarn storage boxes and am sending some yarn to the charity shop. This is part of generally decluttering in the house over the next couple of months. My books will be next.

This Moda Java is the latest fabric to hit my stash. I've been trying to get some of this for a couple of months. I wanted it to make table mats for our dining table as it is the right colour for our accessories. 


Andrea said...

I was going to go to Nantwich but have decided against it - purely because I have ran out of room for more fabric - I really can't buy anymore. Having said that where did you get that delicious Moda stuff ? It's beautiful xxx

Sue said...

Oh, I can't even think about parting with my craft books.

You're so organized. I need to inventory my stash, but it's scattered all over the place right now.

That dotted fabric is very pretty. Your table will look lovely when you're done. I need to make some new placemats as mine are getting a bit worn from washing.

Nicola said...

Oh wow - I've just bought the same fat quarter bundle from my local quiltshop too - I've made a runner and placemats with it, and there is a piccie on my blog!!