Saturday, 29 January 2011

This week...

................................I received this fat quarter bundle from The Fat Quarter Shop - one of Moda's new lines for this spring, Antique Fair, designed by Blackbird Designs 

 The colours are beautiful, soft and subtle. I am currently thinking of doing one of Carrie Nelson's designs out of her book, Miss Rosies' Spice of Life quilts.

This week I've have been working on these.........

My knitted waistcoat

Cross stitch table cloth

and my Moda Morris Workshop quilt from Layer cake, Jelly roll & Charm Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott

This is an old photo of these blocks, I've added about 8 blocks this week.

There won't be much quilting next week, a very heavy work week starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Flimsy finishes!

As my back hasn't completely settled down which means I can't do any heavy housework (what a shame!!!) and I'm working a 8pm until midnight shift, I've been sat at my sewing machine. I've got these four lapquilt flimsies finished for work. I didn't feel up to fighting with the backing, batting and pinning today so I'll have to start quilting them another day. 

The middles of these quilts is Moda Wild Rose and Park Avenue, a mixture of 2 scrap bags. The borders are Park Avenue FQs. The block is rail fence and the quilts measure about 35 inchs.

I also did some sewing on some blocks I've had cut out for a while but it was too dark to photograph what I've been up to so I'll save that for another day.

Right, off to Beavers then work!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Civil war blocks

These 2 blocks are my latest offerings for Barbara Brackman's civil war quilt (see button on side bar).
- 7 Stars and Texas Tears.

I found this block hard and I'm not 100% happy with it, I may redo it in due course but I'm leaving it at present. That's why I take part in these on line things as they stretch me and make me learn new skills. The reason this block is not quite right will be my human error, either not cutting out accurately or not piecing accurately. I think Barbara assumes the quilter has experience as her instructions are quite basic which is fair enough but it is causing me a little bit of difficulty.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Yesterday's purchases

Yesterday J & I went to the Nantwich Quilt fabric sale. This is an annual sale where fairly local traders come and sell some of their end of lines at much cheaper prices. We were a bit disappointed that there wasn't more Moda fabric for sale. Last year there was a lot more Moda.

These half metre cuts are to finish the charity quilts for work. These pieces are all now cut up as borders and ready to use on these quilts.

2 jelly rolls at much reduced prices. I've already made a quilt using Moda Verna. I love this range and was happy to get hold of a jelly roll in it. The Blessings one is nice too.

Some Moda Figgy Pudding FQs and half metre cuts to add to what I've already got. I love this range and very happy to add to it as it becomes less available. I may not use this fabric for a while but it will keep until I'm ready to use it.

 These are various bits and pieces. A navy blue half metre cut to use with some blue and white 5 inch squares that have been cut out for at least 2 & a half years. These squares are to make a disappearing 9 patch quilt. The yellow flowery fabric is Moda simplicity and is to use on DD's quilt. The piece with green in it is Moda Allspice tapestry and is to add to some I already have. The spotty is Moda Patisserie. The one next to it is Moda Glace which is to add to a jelly roll and charm pack I've already got. The last fabric is a Makower one and is to use as a backing to the 4 lttle quilts I'm making for work.

 These bits are from a scrap bag. I was attracted to it bacuse it held scraps of various Moda lines I like and have got. I'll probably use them for hexis or 9 patch blocks.

 This fabric is from Nancy Nalvorsen's range, Cider Mill Road. J also bought some. we both fell in love with the range. I'm not sure what sort of quilt I'll make with these.

 These pieces of fabric are evenweave and 1 piece of Aida for cross stitch. They came from Willow Fabrics which is very near where I work.

 I also bought this aida tablecloth for £3. You can't tell here but it is cream.

 You can just make out the aida band on it here.

This is a Christmas tablecloth kit. The tablecloth has an aida centre. It should have been £20 and I paid £10 for it. I'm really pleased with it and as you can see I couldn't resist starting it.

I managed to walk round the show dispite the bad back. I'd had enough by the end though. I've taken the day off today and I'm doing a 6 hour shift instead of a 12 hour shift tomorrow. It's settling but will take a day or 2 longer yet. It was such a hardship that I spent the day sewing, at least I was sewing lap quilts for work!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

You know..........

.....................that say that says 'it never rains but it pours', well, I am now residing in bed because my back has 'gone'. I was at work this morning. I was sat on an office chair bending over to pick something up off the floor that I'd dropped, as I straightened back up I felt something 'go' and pain. The Oh! Bearded One had to come and fetch me as I can now hardly walk.

I have done this before so I'm no stranger to this type of back pain and it will settle but it is a b"£$%^ nuisance. I'll be very upset if I don't get to the Nantwich quilt show tomorrow!

Lots of TV watching and seeing if I can manage to do some stitching or knitting this afternoon.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Just a quick update on Meg. She has had her ears cleaned out and the vet is wondering whether she is allergic to something so she may have to have allergy testing.

No quilting today as it has been a work day but a few days of knitting.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Books & Meg!

Today I sorted out my books, mainly fiction ones but I'm going take my nursing text books to work where the should be used more effectively. I have halved my fiction collection & Sue, I've only got rid of one craft book. I've still got a lot of books and a lot of them are new and I must get on and read them.

Tomorrow poor old Meg has to go to the vet and have a general anesthetic to enable the vet to deep clean her ears. Over the last year we've had ongoing problems with her stratching her ears. She has had cleaning ear drops several times. Before Christmas she was treated with antibiotic ear drops for a fungal infection. She has been fine for about a month but last week she started stratching again so back to the vet she went. Apparently there is deep seated ear wax that needs to be got rid of. I hope she is sorted out for a bit by having this proceedure. 

Monday, 17 January 2011


Today I have audited all my fabric and some of my yarn. I've been listing my fabric in a little book for a while but today I transferred this information into another little book and at the same time I checked that the info was correct. It was, pretty much. I also have listed all my started projects including start dates. It is quite scary how long some of these projects have been on the go.

The main reason for doing this today was to get an idea of what I want to buy when J & I go the the quilt fabric sale in Nantwich on Sunday. This is an annual event and this will be the 3rd time I've been. Fabric can be bought quite bit cheaper and this has to be my last blow out for a bit as I've now got quite a stash and money is a bit tight in our house at present. I want to buy fabric to finish things already started or planned and I also want some backing fabric.

I've reorganised the fabric & yarn storage boxes and am sending some yarn to the charity shop. This is part of generally decluttering in the house over the next couple of months. My books will be next.

This Moda Java is the latest fabric to hit my stash. I've been trying to get some of this for a couple of months. I wanted it to make table mats for our dining table as it is the right colour for our accessories. 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Swap!

I've also joined a swap.

Shauna is hosting a scrappy 'Hole in the Barn Door' (Churn Dash) swap. The blocks can be either 7.5 or 12 inch, you can do both or just one size.

At present there aren't many swappers at so can I encourage you to join so this will be a good swap. Go over to see Shauna for all the details. 

The button on my side bar is the link to the swap blog.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Civil war quilt

Barbara Brackman is running a year long BOM, except it's weekly. She is releasing a block per week every Saturday for 52 weeks. I caught her blog for this fairly early on but I didn't have enough suitable fabric, especially lights. The blocks are traditional and some may have been used in Civil war times. However accurate or inaccurate these blocks are, it is going to be great fun doing them and to end up with a quilt at the end of it will be magic.

Today I put this right. I went to my LQS (simply sewing) and bought these fabrics. Some of them are Jo Morton so are Civil War repros, others have a flavour of being repro.

These fabrics are now added to want I already had which gives me loads of choice for this quilt. I am not particularly worried if they aren't all true repro fabrics. I am making this quilt for me and am using fabrics and colours I like.
Block 2-North Star

Block 1-Catch me if you can

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A finish & a couple of half way throughs!

For you cross stitichers out there - do you remember this? Lanarte produced it as a celebration of the Millennium.My Mum bought for me as a birthday present in 1998, I think. My idea was to have it completed in time to hang it for the beginning of 2000.

Slight problem, 12-13 years on, its still not finished. It is my longest UFO.

 2011's goal is to finish it. I still like it very much and would like it on my wall.

Every so often throughout the year I would like you to ask me how I am getting on with it, I need keeping on the straight and narrow! If I don't finish it I will have to pay a forfeit in the form of a giveaway. So don't forget remind me. I have a memory like a sieve, my boss calls me colander girl!

 My waistcoat - a short way up the back!

.........and the finish! Washed and dried this afternoon...............and for you pre washers! no prewashing for me, just a couple of dye catchers did the trick, no bleeding at all.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A walk!

Last Thursday we went out for a walk together. The Oh! Bearded One has been out most days with Meg for a walk but last Thursday was the first time we managed to get out together for a longish walk for a while.
He has to wear glasses for long distances now and you can see his left eye is slightly closed. The healing process isn't quite complete but is going well.

 This is Meg's favorite pass time - playing with her ball on a string. She will 'fetch' it for hours.

Rivers and canals criss cross Cheshire and we live quite close to the Trent & Mersey canal and we often walk along bits of it. On this particular occasion we walked along part of the canal along to Dutton locks and then along the river Weaver to Hunt locks and had lunch in the Leigh Arms. We go here fairly often for lunch, it's good in the summer as you can sit outside and eat.

 This view is looking towards the topside of Dutton locks.
This view is looking back up the river towards the railway viaduct.

 A very mucky Meg!
 Facts & figures about Dutton locks and the river Weaver

 A very scary close up of the Oh! Bearded One! He is doing well. He has been driving for a couple of weeks now, during the day, tonight was the first time he has driven in the complete dark. He said it wasn't too bad but a bit tiring. He didn't go too far, just into Warrington and back which is about 18 miles.

Another view looking back from the bottom of Dutton locks towards the railway viaduct.

Further away from the locks showing the lock keepers cottages.

Very little sun that day but it kept dry and wasn't too cold!

Monday, 10 January 2011

My knitting

I was looking through my old blog posts the other day and I realised that, although I've started many handknitted items, I've finished very few. I start off really well but then I decide there is something wrong with the item, I either go off the pattern, decide I'm not going to wear the item, I don't think the item will fit properly or I go off the yarn or the colour.

Take this for example, I love the colour and the yarn.................

......................but I've gone off the pattern, I've decided I don't like the tie affair on it so it has been frogged...............

......................... and I had a look through my patterns and came up with this one. The pattern is from the 1980's and I bought it in a charity shop I think, or maybe on Ebay. The yarn used in it is long since not available but the tension is similar to my yarn, so I've cast on for it. I'm not going to do the pattern, I'm just going to knit it plain. The other thing I like about this pattern there is no shaping like in the body of it like there is in modern patterns, I can just knit straight up until the armholes.

I bought a white shirt with a ruffle doen the front and I want to wear a waitcoat with it so I have got to finish this one. It is a New Year so new start........... Ailsa, finish a knitted item!!!!!!
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Friday, 7 January 2011

Unfinished projects!

How is your New Year going? Mine is pretty much business as usual other than the Oh! Bearded One being off sick from work.

I've been working on this quilt. The binding is complete and I am now tying the thread ends off.

 Like the rest of blogland I've been working out how many unfinished projects I have on the go - 8 quilt projects, 3 small quilty projects, 6 hand stitching projects, not including the above quilt, 6 knitting projects and 6 cross stitch projects ( these do not include the unstarted kits I've got which number at least 4 that I can bring to mind without going hunting for more) and 1 crochet project!  - that's 29 unfinished projects! I think 2011 needs to be a year of finishes rather than starts but don't hold me to that! - because I've got several projects I want to start which include a Schnibbles quilts and a couple of wheelchair users quilts for work.

I also worked out that I completed 22 projects which include 5 quilts, 4 candle mats, 1 table runner, 4 table toppers, 2 Christmas decorations, 5 shopping bags and a felt scottie dog.

Now back to tying in ends!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a happy, peaceful year.

Thank you for all your recent supportive comments and I am looking forward to another year with all my bloggy friends, the ideas, swaps and general support.

See you soon.