Monday, 13 December 2010

What's happening in our house!

This was Northwich early last week, very little snow but very cold and frosty.

This photo was taken from our bedroom window. The view takes in the rugby club grounds, a local chemical works and the village on the other side of the valley.

I've been doing some sewing, this is a table centre mat made from scraps from making 2 candlemats.

The fabric is Moda Frolic by Sandy Gervais. I've taken some other photos and could show you how I made it if anyone is interested.
This is one of the candlemats in process.

Blogger has split these photos as they were loaded. The Oh! Bearded One should be below the one of the black & red quilt. This quilt was started in July 2009 and I am now trying hard to get this one and certain others finished before the end of the year. In the photo below it is at the pinned staged ready for quilting. In the photo above I've quilted with my walking foot a quarter inch either side of the seams, also with some quilting in the ditch. As I want to get this quilt finished and it is for flinging in the car I'm now using a fancy stitch to hold the borders. The black border is complete and I'm half way round the red one. Binding on at the end of the week, hopefully!  

The Oh! Bearded One! & Meg too!

We went back to the Royal Liverpool hospital today where treatment options re his eye cancer were discussed. Because the cancer is near the optic nerve his options were limited to one type of radiotherapy or removal of the eye ball. He has chosen to have his eye removed because no sight will be saved after radiotherapy in his case and there are fairly common side effects of the radiotherapy for no result. I have to take him back for 8am tomorrow morning and he will have his op tomorrow morning as well. He could have waited to have op until after Christmas but he wanted to get it over and done with now a decision has been made. During the op they place what looks like a very small ping pong ball in the eye socket, this will carry the false eye when he gets it. He will have to wait 10-12 weeks to get the false eye. They will test the tumour to see what sort of cancer it is and we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that it isn't the aggressive type!

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annieb said...

Meg is very beautiful! I hope all goes well tomorrow with good results.

Sue said...

We're keeping ours crossed, too. We'll be thinking about both of you tomorrow. let us know how he's doing.

Jackie said...

Both of you are in my thoughts.

Ann J said...

Sorry to hear about DH, hope all goes well with surgery and that the post op results are encouraging.
Luv....Ann J

Miss 376 said...

Hope all goes well with the op and he'll be back home recuperating with you very soon

Andrea said...

Oh Ailsa - sincerely hope everything goes well for DH. Best wishes to you both xxx

Helen Dooley said...

the snow looks so beautiful. thanks for sharing such a nice pic. I love the table runner.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Your table runner is beautiful. I am so sorry to about your husband and the trouble he is having. I will be praying for both of you.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

(((hugs))) to you both. I hope the surgery goes well and that you can use the holidays to catch your breath.