Monday, 18 October 2010

A little bit of quilting!

Oh! No! you say, not Christmas decorations! Oh yes! I say!
Our local garden centre put their Christmas decs out the last week of September and I happened to be down there as they were opening the display. I spotted this little tree and fell in love. It is glass with glass baubles. I went to the garden centre this week and I didn't see any so I'm glad I bought it when I did.

A couple of weeks ago I said I was putting the sewing machine away because of the big clean up for DD's wedding. Well! I did put it away...................for a couple of days! And look what I got up to.

 I saw this little wallhanging in the flesh at the Festival of Quilts in August and loved it. 

 So when I saw it on the front of this magazine I knew I had to make it.

 This is my part completed effort, I still think it is cute!

 I buy a lot of the American quilting magazines as I am afraid I think they are so much nicer than our UK based two. I have a local village newsagents that sell a lot of craft mags including many American ones, it is a shame they don't stock Oz ones.
Anyway this one had this in it - I thought this would look so nice in Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas for Moda.

 Here's my example!

Just waiting for quilting now, pobably with the walking foot.


Jackie said...

I love your glass Christmas tree. I've never seen anything like it. Your quilts are pretty too, with my favorite being the Christmas one. You made a great fabric selection - it really suits the pattern.

loulee said...

Loving that tree. :-)
I'm with you on the UK magazines. I subscribe to a couple of Aussie mags, if you see anything you like, just say the word.

Muddling Through said...

I LIKE your Christmas decoration. And it's never too early. That Christmas quilt is looking mighty good, too.

Rose Marie said...

Xmas decorations are just starting to come out here now in the stores and I will have to be on the lookout for a glass one, too. Your tree is gorgeous.

You've done well with the 2 small hangings and the tree one is my favourite. I have something about trees. :o)

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Cute tree and I clicked on one of your quilts, applaude you for sticking with it, even if it gave you nothing but trouble. Sometimes once trouble begins it sticks with you through out the entire quilt, been there and done that, but it all works out in the end. Most often the only person that knows of mistakes is the person who makes them. Loved your little witch wall hanging.

Anonymous said...

Cute little tree.
I looked into subscribing to Aussy Homespun but the shipping costs were bad and they didn't offer a pdf option.

The glass tree is so cute- well spotted. I haven't started proper Christmas makings yet- I'm still getting through my Wanna Make 2010 list. Must hurry up with that.

Marit Johanne said...

I think your choice of fabrics for the quilt with the trees on was much nicer than the one from the magazine, beautiful! And the wall hanging was really cute!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

what truely fabulous creations, you are a very talented crafty lady. Adore your quilt and I'm most envious.
See you joined as a follower on my blog, come back and say hi, promise I don't bite. You live not far from me , I live near Ellesmere port.