Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Last week I arranged a little delivery for work.

As you may be aware I'm the Deputy Manager of a Nursing Home for older people. The home includes beds for residents with Dementia as well as those with general nursing needs. I'm always on the lookout for things that are going to bring comfort, joy and colour to the resident's lives.

Whilst I was blogging a few weeks ago I came across Sue's blog. Sue is a crocheter and she had this wonderful idea to crochet squares to make up into blankets for residents of care homes in memory of her Grandmother. She suggested this idea on her blog and the crocheting ladies of the world have united behind her and 'SIBOL' was born. The ladies of the world are sending her lots of squares and she makes them up into these............

.........brightly coloured textured blankets...........and my home was the first to receive 7 of these lovely things............ The wonderfulness of bloggy land!!!!!!

Here is the lady herself. Unfortuately I wasn't able to meet her as I was on night duty the day she visited but I understand she was made very welcome by my staff.

Aren't the colours just lovely?

We will look after them carefully and hopefully have them for a long time. Thank you Sue and all your ladies for you hard work.

'SIBOL' has it's own blog


Miss 376 said...

I am sure the residents will really appreciate these, the colours will really lift their spirits

Anonymous said...

Those are so stunning. What gorgeous bright colours. I'm sure they will help some memories of your clients from when they were young.

What a lovely idea. I wish I could granny square crochet!

Kath said...

What wonderful colours, I'm sure the seniors who received these lovely blankets were delighted with them.

Krafty Kathryn said...

How lovely - so thoughtful, so kind and so colourful. And what a memorial to a much loved grandmother. Thanks for posting this.

Wendy said...

Those are beautiful, the ladies will be very happy to snuggle under them.

Mrfs Twins said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful write up. I am so sorry I have taken a while getting back to you.
I do hope the Blankets will be of use to you. It was such a pleasure to meet your staff, thank you.
Kind regards

Sue said...

What lovely bright colors. I'm sure those will cheer up all who see them.