Sunday, 5 September 2010


When I was on annual leave from work, the Oh! Bearded One and I spent 5 days at his sister's. She and her husband live in Penarth which is an old Edwardian seaside town. Penarth is on one side of Cardiff Bay

One afternoon we had a walk around Cardiff Bay.

This photo shows the lock into Penarth marina.

This is the barrage between the bay and the sea. It enables people to be able to walk all the way around the Bay.

This is one of the old sea locks that the big ships went in and out of Cardiff port. Coal was exported out of this port from the coal mines of South Wales.

This building was the custom house and it is now a resturant.

The Bay is now a safe haven for all sorts of water sports.

This waterbus trundles between the Penarth side and the Cardiff side.
This is the St. David's hotel and it is supposed to look like a ship in full sail.

This is the Cardiff side of the Bay.

Every city in the UK seems to have a Ferris wheel these days and this is Cardiff's.
Cardiff is a really vibrant city and the shopping in the city centre is great.

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