Friday, 30 July 2010

Life's unfair sometimes!

Although I have tried to keep recent posts quite upbeat things haven't been too rosy. This week we have been to the funeral of a friend of the Oh! Bearded One's. He has known this guy for probably more than 40 years through Scouting. This guy's funeral service was a celebration of his life but never the less it was sad and moving, also the end of an era. Things like this make me realise how short life is and how we must live for now.

Also this week, at work a resident at work is now dying from a horrible illness. There have been some hard ethical decisions to make regarding her end of life and it is hard watching her die, also watching her partner suffering so much.

I've been reading a blog that lists posts of stories surrounding how and why quilts were made and this has got me thinking about making a quilt for this guy. I want it to have real relevance and be a memorial of the lady that is dying but I haven't come up with a good idea yet. all suggestions are welcome.

This is the hard part of my job. This lady has lived in the home for 6 years. I have got to know her and her partner well. I knew that this lady would die eventually but knowing it and dealing with are 2 different things.

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loulee said...

Palliative care can be so harrowing, as professional care givers we're not supposed to feel attached to our service users, but when you spend so much time getting to know someone it's difficult not to. (Hugs)
Why not ask the family if you can have a couple of items of clothing. One of my service users has allowed me to take a pile of old shirts to make quilts / throws for our respite rooms.