Wednesday, 14 July 2010

joining in

I'm currently sewing the binding on both of these, not that I've done any for the last couple of nights as I've been too busy on the internet!.

I think I'm keeping this quilt for myself as I love the colours in it, it also going to have mother of pearl buttons on it.

I've joined this swap, the needle case is prepared for sewing.

Now I've put the button on my blog I've got to keep going on this quilt, this is my challenge to myself.
I've not really been doing any knitting as it has been too ot for me to knit. When it cools down I'll want to start again but I mustn't start anything new as I've got several things started that I really want to finish. I bet, though, I'll see something in the new Autumn patterns that I'll fall in love with!

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