Monday, 21 June 2010

A mistake!

I put my Bernina 900 in for servicing and repair of the drop switch for the feed dogs as it won't turn any more. I am just hoping it can be repaired as this machine is over 30 years old.

I saw one of these machines on Ebay last week and the bidding was up around £250 pounds which is not far off what my Mum paid when she bought it for my 18th birthday.

As I was sat at my Janome sewing machine at the dining table this evening I happened to look up and out of the front window.
This is what I saw. I happened to have the camera handy so I took photos - sunset on the longest day

Unfortunately the photo doesn't do justice to the colours which were deeper.

Look at all the vapour trails left by aircraft. That's what you get when you don't live far from a major airport.
I won this magazine on Ebay last week.

I fell in love with this little table topper.

So on Friday I went to my LQS and bought some FQs, cut what I needed to and got sewing. I didn't do any more until today. I thought I was doing really well until I was putting the first border on when I realised I had attached the flying geese patches the wrong way round and ended up with this!

I decided that it still looked OK and as I am going to give it as a gift to a non quilter it probably won't matter too much. I am going to cut for another one and get it right next time.
I have learnt quite a lot from doing this (other than getting your flying geese units the right way round). You start off with 1 & a quarter inch strips and they are fiddly and quite hard to get right. I need to be more accurate when I cut & sew them next time.
I am still reasonably happy with it even though it isn't correct because I love the colours and I think it still works.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Birthday Boy!

Over this last weekend we celebrated The Oh! Bearded One's $% birthday.

This photo was taken in Edinburgh when we went to fetch SofM at the end of May so it is a recent one.

No special meals out as funds won't allow but I did buy him 2 tickets to the RHS flower show at Tatton Park near Knutsford. I just hope he's taking me and not his girlfriend - haha!

Sunday, 13 June 2010


We've had a couple of busy weeks. Lots of family social engagements!

First of all it was fetching SofM from Edinburgh. We went up on the Sunday, stayed over and went round Edinburgh on Bank Holiday Monday and came back on the Tuesday. Here is The Oh! Bearded One, SofM and his friend, H outside the Scottish Parliment building.

I took a few photos around Edinburgh
This is Arthur's Seat.

Holyrood Palace.

Princes street

Edinburgh castle in the distance.
This next set of phots were taken of buildings on Carlton Hill

The weather was lovely, a bit cool but dry and sunny. I really enjoyed my few days away.