Saturday, 8 May 2010

My 1st quilt

This is the first of a few posts catching you up with what I've been up to whilst I've not been on line.

This photo shows my first attempt at a quilt. The colours were chosen to co-ordinate with my sitting room. I started it in 2007/08, I can't quite remember. I thought I'd blogged about before but I couldn't find any posts. The fabric is Makower but I can't remember the fabric range.

Looking at it now I realise how far I've come in quilting terms. The patches weren't cut out well in the first place. I didn't size the blocks before sewing them together. In my defense the points of the stars weren't bad for a beginner and I maintained a scant quarter inch seam. It is 3 blocks by 5 blocks. I'd sewn all the rows together but the 5th row didn't sit right. I couldn't be bothered correcting it at that point so it sat in a box. When I took it out again I decided I didn't want it as a lap quilt for the sitting room so I decided to take it apart to make 2 wheelchair lap quilts for work so the offending rows were taken apart and again left in a box.

Last week I was on holiday. I was supposed to do some decorating but as soon as my hands hear the word 'decorating' they go on strike and start hurting - a lot! I am still having to wear a wrist brace on my right wrist but never mind that, back to the story of my quilt.

Whilst I was on holiday I got it out again and laid it out on the bed. The Oh! Bearded One saw it and said how much he liked it so I've resurrected it as a lap quilt for the sitting room.

It's now got it's borders on and is sandwiched. I've had to fiddle a bit with the borders as I didn't cut them quite right but I think it will be fine, especially as the blocks weren't made well in the first place. I've gone mad with the batting and backing allowance, they are far too much, I'll have fabric to spare once they are cut down.

And I've started quilting it but as it is quite heavy I'll have to wait until my hands are better before I have another go at it.
I've learnt that it is important to cut accurately, to piece accurately, I also would have some more contrast in the borders.

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Sue said...

I think you did quite well for a first attempt. My first quilt is still unfinished rolled up in a closet. Maybe one of these days, I'll get it out and finish it.