Monday, 31 May 2010


I am still in the land of the living, I've just not had a lot to say, also not much crafting going on. Our computer connection is absolutely fine, just not much to say or show.

The Oh! Bearded One and I are currently in Edinburgh to help SofM pack up at the end of year 2 of University. He comes home for the summer holidays until September. I've got plans for him. As I am having lots of problems with my hands and right wrist I want him to do some decorating for me, before DD's wedding in October. I really would like the house to look nice. I usually do my own decorating as the Oh! Bearded One doesn't enjoy decorating and I do but due to my Arthritis I am finding it increasingly difficult to do so I am hoping SofM will save the day.

Hopefully later in the week I will have photos of Edinburgh to show. The weather has been good today, sunny and reasonably warm and the views over Edinburgh have been really good. We have walked miles!!

Speak soon!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another quilt, knitting & other bits

This is the other quilt I've been working on whilst I was on holiday the week before last.

It measures about 46 x 46 and is made from a charm pack, 1 FQ (binding) and 2 x half metres of Moda Rouenneries. When I first saw this range I thought I didn't like it but I love it and have ordered some more from The Fat Quarter Shop yesterday (but don't tell the Oh! Bearded One I've been spending money) I haven't quite got the colour placement right but in real life it looks fine. I find if I take a photo of colour or block lay out I can see errors more clearly, they stick out like a sore thumb to me.

You haven't seen Meg & Molly for nearly 3 months so here they are! This is very unusual, both in one place at the same time, usually Meg is trying to play with Molly and she is hissing and clawing!

I've been doing a bit of knitting. I fell in love with the toys in this supplement to a copy of 'Simply Knitting'.

The photo below shows my effort at Mother bear

It is being knitted in Rowan felted tweed 4ply or at least I think it is.

I love chickens so I couldn't resist this

Not finished yet!

Knitting for summer. A new 'Flirt' pattern but knitted in Sirdar Calico which is a lot cheaper. This piece of knitting looks very strange but it is because the garment is knitted from side to side.

I know this is a winter cardi but I just love the yarn I am using which is definitely Rowan Felted Tweed DK.

The colour is a sort of heathery damson, a bit darker and richer in reality.

I've been card making and I need to make a lot more as the rack at work is empty again.

These cards were made with the free papers out of 'Making cards' magazine which I buy every month

I've also been dabbling in some jewellery making, these are my efforts so far.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Story of a quilt

Once upon a time a Princess bought a car

This car had leather seats and the Princess thought that the leather would be rather cold on bottoms and legs.
She wanted something to match the black and red interior so she bought a charm pack and a fat quarter

She decided on a block

and then she made the rest of the blocks because she liked the first one

Eventually she got around to attaching borders and putting the top with some batting and the backing

and now it is being quilted
The fact that it wasn't ready for one of the coldest winters on record is neither here or there.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Quilt no 2

This is quilt no 2 that I played with whilst I was on holiday. I started it with giving it as a present in mind but as I was coming to finish it I decided that it would really suit DD and as she really likes it, it now resides on her bed.

I saw the pattern on Fat Quarters shop. I didn't buy the pattern, I did an approximation of it as it looked quite easy and it was. It is made from a Moda Verna charm pack and half a yard each of 3 different fabrics from the range.

I will now have to start another quilt for the person I want to make a present for, more of that in the future.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

My 1st quilt

This is the first of a few posts catching you up with what I've been up to whilst I've not been on line.

This photo shows my first attempt at a quilt. The colours were chosen to co-ordinate with my sitting room. I started it in 2007/08, I can't quite remember. I thought I'd blogged about before but I couldn't find any posts. The fabric is Makower but I can't remember the fabric range.

Looking at it now I realise how far I've come in quilting terms. The patches weren't cut out well in the first place. I didn't size the blocks before sewing them together. In my defense the points of the stars weren't bad for a beginner and I maintained a scant quarter inch seam. It is 3 blocks by 5 blocks. I'd sewn all the rows together but the 5th row didn't sit right. I couldn't be bothered correcting it at that point so it sat in a box. When I took it out again I decided I didn't want it as a lap quilt for the sitting room so I decided to take it apart to make 2 wheelchair lap quilts for work so the offending rows were taken apart and again left in a box.

Last week I was on holiday. I was supposed to do some decorating but as soon as my hands hear the word 'decorating' they go on strike and start hurting - a lot! I am still having to wear a wrist brace on my right wrist but never mind that, back to the story of my quilt.

Whilst I was on holiday I got it out again and laid it out on the bed. The Oh! Bearded One saw it and said how much he liked it so I've resurrected it as a lap quilt for the sitting room.

It's now got it's borders on and is sandwiched. I've had to fiddle a bit with the borders as I didn't cut them quite right but I think it will be fine, especially as the blocks weren't made well in the first place. I've gone mad with the batting and backing allowance, they are far too much, I'll have fabric to spare once they are cut down.

And I've started quilting it but as it is quite heavy I'll have to wait until my hands are better before I have another go at it.
I've learnt that it is important to cut accurately, to piece accurately, I also would have some more contrast in the borders.

Friday, 7 May 2010

I'm back! again! for the umpteenth time!


I'm back!

I'm sorry I've been missing so long but computer access has been really difficult. Finally, we have got a new router which is the bit that has been a problem. We have only got it now because I had to go to PC World for a USB cable for work and the OH! Bearded One went with me and I was able to TELL him to buy a new one.

So fingers crossed I'm here for a bit - until the next thing goes wrong!

I've been busy with various projects and spending money so I'm away now to photograph some of my projects to show you.