Thursday, 4 March 2010

Boo hoo!

Still no internet on my laptop and can only use the Oh! Bearded One's occasionally.

I have managed to get SofM's quilt off into the post in time for his birthday on Saturday - hurray!!! I am so glad to see the back of that quilt but on the other hand I'm pleased to have finished it.

I haven't done much other quilting for a week or two but I'm knitting. I've taken photos which i will post as soon as possible.

The other (really good) news in my house is that DD is getting married to Gromit on 30th October. The church is booked and the venue is booked. On Saturday me, DD, her Mother-in-Law (J) and DD's 2 future Sister-in-laws are going to a wedding fayre at the NEC in Birmingham to look for ideas.