Thursday, 11 February 2010

2nd post-crafting

I bet you are sick of seeing this quilt, I know I am but I'm on the downward path now. This quilt is for my son & is made from 2 charm packs of Moda marbles plus some sashing, boarder & binding fabric and has been on the go since the summer of 2008.

I've done everything you can do wrong!

Once the top was made I started to hand stitch it but it was taking far too long because I just wanted to get it done. On this photo you can just see the outline of the stitching where it has been taken out and I am just hoping that these outlines will wash out a bit more when the quilt is washed.

Because of the way I have machine quilted it, there are a lot of ends to sew in. I started doing a meander stitch but my machine didn't like it because the thread kept breaking so I gave up that idea and unpicked that.

When it came to the backing I didn't allow enough batting and backing fabric at one side so I have had to cut the boarders down a bit to even it up, also the backing wasn't square and I've ended up with some puckers, the one above being the worst.

I ended up doing a very simple machine quilting with the walking foot, up & down on both sides of each square's seam which is quite effective and will hold the layers together, although in places the lines are like a dog's hind leg!

I've got a few more ends to tie in and I've started sewing the binding on-hurray!!!!! Then I can get it into the post to Edinburgh to Son of Mine.

I'm working on a couple more things at the moment. These little blocks are the beginning of a quilt for DD. The fabric is Simplicity by Moda, very soft pale colours. It started life as a jelly roll. The idea of these blocks is I am going to hand applique butterflies and flowers on them and they are going to be dotted about the quilt.

This is the rest of the fabric cut into 2 & half inch squares, stitched into units of 2 and waiting to be stitched into units of 4, to make 4 & half inch patches, then I'll make up rows of the blocks with the applique ones spread thoughout it.

I've got these FQs to use for the applique.

This fabric is Moda Hemming House that started life as 2 layer cakes. I bought them when Hemming House was first around because I loved the colours and thought it would make a lovely quilt for my bedroom. I started off making up quite a simple block but I hadn't really any idea how I was going to finish it into a quilt. I had only made 4-5 blocks and they were really poorly executed so I wasn't upset when I decided not to go on with them. A couple of weeks ago I bought a magazine whose title escapes me at present. In it was a quilt made up of FQs of Moda Glace. As I looked at it I thought I could do this quilt with my Hemming House layer cakes. In fact I am going to end up with 2 quilts in different colour ways - brown & green as above and cream & red as below.

The blocks are simple hourglass blocks......... make 3 rows of 8 hourglass blocks with wide sashings in between and boarders of the same fabric as used in the sashings.......... Bob's your uncle, 2 quilts. The only problem is I am having trouble tracking down enough fabric for the boarders and sashings as a I need about 4 yards and as the fabric has been about a bit a lot of stores have only got FQs. Never mind I'll keep searching.


Sue said...

All those tiny squares, you have more patience than I. The results are lovely. Can't wait to see the one with the butterflies.

Miss 376 said...

I like the colours in your sons quilt, I can imagine how pleased you will be to get it finished. The other quilts you have in the pipeline sound really good, look forward to seeing them progress

Jenny said...

I Like your quilts and choice of fabrics, found your blog through Manxgirl.

JannArt said...