Sunday, 22 November 2009

1 month away! & a giveaway!

Well! I'm back. I'm just not holding my breath as to how long! I've been away nearly a month which I didn't really expect.

Do you remember this? Well, I have fallen out of love with it and I don't want to have it laying about when someone else could do something with it so I'm giving it away. If you would like to enter the draw to win it please add a comment on my blog.

The Christmas tree and robins are fused onto the backing fabric and I've started blanket stitching round them but I've hardly started. It measures something like 20x24 and was intended to be a wall hanging.

The closing date for the draw is DD's birthday on 11th December!

Because I've been away for a while I can't help showing you Meg and Molly. Meg loves being curled up on our bed either with me in the bed or not, she's not that bothered.

She tolerated the fashion show quite well and thought it was a great game.

Molly also likes our bed but not usually when Meg is on it although she will come on the bed at the same time as Meg if I'm there as well.

I've been here twice in the last month. This is the Lake District, in particular Derwentwater. I went up at the beginning of October for a work colleague's wedding and some walking with the Oh! Bearded One and a Scouting friend. Then we went up last weekend and stayed in a hotel in Little Langdale with a group of friends that we've known over 25 years. Last weekend was wet in the Lake District but not as wet as later in the week. There have been the most awful floods and a policeman lost his life.
The Oh! Bearded One is going up there again, to Grange over Sands, for work and he isn't sure until he gets there how the flooding will be.

I know it is very late but Happy Halloween! This was DD's work and we had a lovely pumpkin risotto cooked by The Oh! Bearded One.

5th November saw DD graduate from the University of Chester with a Diploma in Nursing. Here she is with Gromit, her fiancee. He was home from Germany on sick leave. He is awaiting an operation on his shoulder that keeps dislocating. The operation is set for 9th December.
The graduation ceremony was held in Chester Cathedral. The owner of Knowsley safari park, the Earl of Derby, was also awarded a honary degree at the same ceremony.

Here she is again with her "olds".

This is a small section of a knitted something that has been given away.

as is this!
All will be revealed after Christmas.
I've got to take some photos of some other things to show so watch this space.
I had a not so nice week at work last week and I have been so tired, I hope this coming week will be much better. I hate feeling so tired and not having any energy, its so frustrating.


Chocolate Cat said...

I'd love to finish this so count me in! Some great photos, sounds like you have been busy.

nicoledemana said...

hi i love the robins its a shame you fell out of love with them but i would take extra care of the for you kind regards nicole x

sewkalico said...

Well done to your daughter! She looks really pretty too!! We have friends who holiday in the Langdales - so beautiful. Not sure how bad the flooding is in Grange, but apparently it's terrible Ambleside way...
Can I leave a comment re the Robins for my friend Vicky - I know she has that pattern, but can't seem to get it started, perhaps she'll be better at finishing yours...?
What a full post! Here's hoping you can stay connected!!

nicoledemana said...

hi i love the robins quilt i would love to be the winner of this give away i would love to take care of it and put it on my craft room wall
kind regards Nicole x

Sue said...

My dogs love to curl up in my bed, too, whether I'm in it or not.

I would love to tackle your large wall hanging. Why are you tired of it? Are you sure that tucking it away for a few months might not renew your interest?

I have a cold that's making me tired and cross when I have so much to do. Hope you're feeling better soon.