Saturday, 22 August 2009

Quilt planning

I saw this book advertised before it was published earlier in the year and I wanted it. I've got their 1st book and I like it, I like this one better.

I am planning to make this quilt out of it. This quilt is to go on my new bed.

And I'm going to make with this fabric range - which is Morris Workshop from Moda. This quilt can be made in 2 sizes - the larger size calls for a jelly roll, a layer cake & 12 FQs.

I bought the jelly roll and charm pack online from Cross Patch but I didn't seem able to buy this range in yardage from a UK site so I ordered it from The Fat Quarter Shop in the US. They offer a really good service.

This photo shows 12 half yards, this quilt asks for 12 FQs. The minimum you can buy is half a yard but a half yard only costs a few pence more than buying a FQ in the UK so I will have 12 FQs left - yippee!!!
I am just waiting for the layer cake now, they sent my parcel in 2 lots.
I will be ordering from this site again! They have all the Moda lines and I am such a 'Moda Girl'

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loulee said...

I love Fat Quarter Shop. Have fun making your big quilt.