Saturday, 29 August 2009

So tired!!

How come quilting makes me as tired as doing a 12 hour shift at work?

I've started on my 'Stepping Stones' quilt from Pam & Nicky Lintott's book 'Layer cake, Jelly roll & Charm quilts'. I spent about 4 hours on it yesterday and about 6 hours today. Tonight I'm so tired, I can't believe that quilting makes you that tired.

To show for those hours I've got 144 4 & half 4 patch units, lots of 4 & half squares and 196 pairs of triangles that I've started to sew together.

I'm using 'Morris Workshop' from Moda. I think it is going to make quite a muted quilt.

Piles of 4 patch units and squares.

In the process of sewing 196 pairs of triangles.

Because you have to buy a minium of half a yard of fabric when buying yardage from The Fat Quarter shop I've still got 12 FQs left. These will be added to my stash as I don't know what I'm going to do with them at present although I probably will need to use one of them for the binding.

Monday, 24 August 2009

More knitting

I'm really into my knitting at present. There are so many lovely things to knit, I keep starting things but I've not finished anything yet - the story of my life. DD gets very cross with me. She asks me what I'm knitting and what has happened something I've been knitting previously and then she tells me off for starting something new - lol

The yarn in this photo was bought in a sale in Edinburgh when I was visiting SofM. I had in mind to knit this pattern with it but I started the pattern below but it came out far too big so I ripped it back and the yarn is now sitting in my stash.

I've started it again, this time it Patons 100% cotton, in a smaller size and it seems to be working out so far. I keep doing a few rows and it is a wee bit longer now.

This is a scarf pattern out of Debbie Bliss's book 'Donegal Tweed' called Inishowen. I'm using more Donegal Tweed bought reduced from Stash Fine Yarns of Chester. It is a Christmas present for my Sister in Law (she doesn't know about my blog) This is a very simple lace pattern but you wouldn't believe how many times I've had to take it back to correct it and theres me wanting to knit a lace shawl pattern!!

This is more yarn for this scarf for another Christmas present but I haven't decided who I'll knit it for yet.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Quilt planning

I saw this book advertised before it was published earlier in the year and I wanted it. I've got their 1st book and I like it, I like this one better.

I am planning to make this quilt out of it. This quilt is to go on my new bed.

And I'm going to make with this fabric range - which is Morris Workshop from Moda. This quilt can be made in 2 sizes - the larger size calls for a jelly roll, a layer cake & 12 FQs.

I bought the jelly roll and charm pack online from Cross Patch but I didn't seem able to buy this range in yardage from a UK site so I ordered it from The Fat Quarter Shop in the US. They offer a really good service.

This photo shows 12 half yards, this quilt asks for 12 FQs. The minimum you can buy is half a yard but a half yard only costs a few pence more than buying a FQ in the UK so I will have 12 FQs left - yippee!!!
I am just waiting for the layer cake now, they sent my parcel in 2 lots.
I will be ordering from this site again! They have all the Moda lines and I am such a 'Moda Girl'

Thursday, 20 August 2009


You might remember I bought this yarn a few weeks ago from Stash in Chester at a really good price. It is Debbie Bliss Donagel Aran Tweed and I have wanted this yarn a while but at full price it was too expensive.
I wanted it to knit this - 'Killybegs' from Debbie Bliss's Donegal Tweed book.

I've finished the back and started a front.
More goodies tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Out from under the bed!

No! I haven't thrown The Oh! Bearded One out - we've had a new bed!

This is the old bed going to the tip

This is the new bed.
The new bed is the reason why you've not heard from me since before Scout Camp.
We had a got camp even though it got rather wet and muddy but as soon as we came back I had to get to work to clear our bedroom and under the old bed so the new bed could be delivered, also, as usual, work took over as well.
Over the next few days I've got some lovely goodies to show!