Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I'm worried!!

I've finished this and it is in the post - hurray!!!!

But I've had a look on the blog of the lady that's going to receive this. She has a photo of the one she has sent to her swap partner and it's beautiful! including the back. The back of mine is not good. I made the mistake of quilting in the gutter round the inner boarder before I did the hand quilting so it has puckered, also the backing moved at some point so it isn't square now. I hope this lady will forgive me. I have learnt a lot from doing this.


anne bebbington said...

It's lovely - and if the recipient is picky enough to dislike it on account of the back (which I'm sure she's probably not) then she doesn't deserve to receive such a pretty thing

Karen said...

Just happened on your blog. Your quilting is absolutely beautiful. You need have no fear! Its recipient will be thrilled--anyone would be!

Dorine said...

Hello Ailsa, thats a nice name.
My little niece has also the name Ailsa.
Here in holland i never heared that name. She lives with here parents and grandparents in (my sister ) in Ierland.
I was also a nurse and nurse teacher now i am at home and nursing for my husband he has a lungdisease. And a lot of time for quilting and othercraftworks.
greetings Dorine

Miss 376 said...

I would love to receive this, it's beautiful. We are all learning and have different skills, but every piece is made with love