Monday, 6 July 2009

I have been to pick up a needle as it has cooled down - hurray!!!!

I've done a bit more to the Spring Blooms mini quilt. I hope the lady that receives this doesn't look too closely at it. The back is totally out and the hand quilting could be better. I've learnt a lot by doing this so that is a positive. It is this week's challenge to get this done and into the post to the US.

This is the pin cushion, now finished, for my 200th post giveaway (I'm on post 210 now but don't let's count!) I can now announce a winner!!!!!
It is - Sara - My Sewing Room !!!!!!!
Sara, e-mail me your snail mail address and I'll get my little parcel in the post ASAP.
I am so pleased to get that wound up!

On Saturday I went up to Lady Hayes craft centre. There is a car hand wash place there and I wanted to get my car washed. Whilst it was being washed I had a look round some of the units I don't normally look round. There are 3 big units selling bric a brac and antiques. On my nosey round I found this - a linen tablecloth with a transfer design of pansies. It is a cut work design so the embroidary is done in buttonhole stitch and then certain bits of the linen are cut away. I know how to do this type of work but have never done it and I decided, for a fiver, I could have a go. The outer edge is complete but the inner ring needs to be done. I bought the threads from the LQS that is also on this site. I just had to have a little go on it on Saturday night but I can't pick it up again until the Spring Blooms quilt is completed.


Sue said...

Haven't you been busy!! Ilike that tablecloth. It's very delicate looking. Have fun with it.

Leigh Russell said...

I do a little embroidery with some of the young teenage girls in my school. They love looking at all the lovely colours of the threads. So do I !

I see you like Ruth Rendell. So do I. My publisher has put a sticker on my book saying: "If you like Ruth Rendell you will love this book". I hope you decide to read my book, Cut Short, the first in a new series of crime thrillers. I think you might like it. It's been receiving good reviews so far, but it's early days.