Thursday, 23 July 2009

Christmas is coming!

I've been to a workshop today at Cheshire Needlecraft. I haven't done a workshop since last summer so I had really looked forward to it and I did enjoy it!

This is what we were doing - a Christmas tree with robins on it. Christmas comes early!

I'm going to blanket stitch around it all, in gold thread and then add some charms so it looks like the tree has got Christmas decorations on it. It will have borders on it and it will be a wallhanging - not that I know where I'll put it!

Look what came in the post today. I've been wanting to knit 'Killybegs' from Debbie Bliss Donagal Tweed book but I've found the cost of the yarn too expensive. Yesterday I went on 'Stash' of Chester's website and found that there was a sale on. This colourway in this yarn is being discontinued so they were selling it at £2.75 instead of £3.95. I was so pleased, especially as this is my favorite colour!

I am so excited I've cast on for this evening.

I also bought this Rowan Cashsoft 4ply at £2.99 instead of £4.45. I love this yarn as it is so soft! hopefully I've got enough for a cardigan or jumper.


Sue said...

I love the little tree. It'll look so festive with charms.

Very pretty yarn.

loulee said...

Lovin' that Christmas tree.

Karen said...

There's aren't many better things than getting new yarn in the post. Looks preeeetty nice, too! Have a great weekend!