Friday, 3 July 2009

Beavers boating!

This is me in a boat.

The weekend before last I was at a camp for Cubs and Scouts. The Beavers visited on the Saturday. They did lots of activities and one of them was Bell boating.

This is a bell boat. It's looks like 2 long canoes bolted together. It's very stable so is safe for the young Beavers who are 6-8. Everyone wears bouyancy aids, they are compulsory for any water activitiy in the Scout Association.

It's great fun, I love it and a I get to have another go next weekend as the Beavers have a fun day where bell boating is on the menu again.

I've not finished this yet as it has been too hot to do any hand sewing. I'm not working tomorrow but I don't know hot it's going to be. If it is hot I won't be able to do any hand sewing as my hand get too sweaty.
We are not used to hot weather in the UK, it's been 27-29c this week which I know isn't hot in other parts of the world but we tend not to deal with it well and we don't have air conditioning.

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Sue said...

Can't wait to see it finished.

At least boating is a cool activity.