Friday, 12 June 2009

Our walk! part 1

When Meg and I go for a walk locally we go 'round the lump'. What this really means we go in a circular walk through the estate we live on, down the main road at the back of us and back onto the other end of the estate.
We live on an estate that is just over 20 years old and we've been in our house 17years. At one end of the estate is this little house which is actually 2 flats. It is a lot older than 20 years. I'm not sure what the land was previously used for, I'll have to find out at the library.

This is looking backwards from the old house down the spine road that goes through the middle of the estate.

At the other end of the estate is a very large open green area. On it is a cricket club and the local leisure centre with the swimming pool. You can just see the side wall of the swimming pool behind the cricket club building. In the far distance you can see the goal posts for the local rugby club which is at our end of the estate, behind all the houses. Because our house is on a hill we can watch the rugby for free from our bedroom window if we wanted, not that we do.

This is a new medical centre that was build 2-3 years ago on the opposite side of the spine road to the large open area. Behind the medical centre is a dog walking field, here we can let Meg off the lead and play ball and fetch which she loves.

Here you can see the rugby club clearer. The building in front is a primary school. This is the school my children went to between the ages of 4 & a half to eleven, when they went up to high school.

This view is further along the spine road looking back towards the school and medical centre which you can't see because there is a bend.
This is a nice estate to live on. Because half of it is on a hill you don't feel all the houses are crammed in and a lot of them are not overlooked by each other. There are a lot of very mature trees edging the estate which attracts lots of different birds. Over the 17 years we've lived here the bird population has increased and different types have come. I've really enjoyed listening to the birds on our early morning walks and trying to identify them which I'm not very good at.
The estate is relatively clean and tidy, most people appear to enjoy their gardens as some of them are really pretty and very well maintained and the houses are well maintained. It is very quiet at night and you feel safe walking through the estate at night, also there is very little crime. My children had a lot more freedom here to roam than they would have got had we stayed in Sheffield, which is where we are from originally.

I'll show you more photos from my walk another time. I've also got some more goodies to show as well.


loulee said...

Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see where people live.

Sue said...

Your estate looks lovely and very green. How nice to have mature trees and lots of greenery. Too many places are barren looking.