Sunday, 28 June 2009


This afternoon the Oh! Bearded One & I went to Arley Garden Festival. This is held every year and we've been before. it tends to be a lovely afternoon out. There are lots of plant suppliers selling their plants along with other garden related stalls and of course! food and drink. We had some lunch and bought some plants.

Here is Meg 'helping'
Here she is giving the Oh! Bearded One the benefit of her experience!

Here they both are - standing back and admiring their handiwork!

And here is Miss Molly, the head gardener!


loulee said...

Molly has the right idea, sit back and let a man do the work! LOL

Sue said...

What a good helper he has. Mine would be digging in that dirt.

Kath said...

Hello Ailsa, I arrived from the Hexagon quiltalong. I just love your dog Meg, what a gorgeous face she has."Nice to meet you" best wishes Kath

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

That reminds me so much of the family dog Buster. He would put his nose just where I was digging to look into the hole. It used to drive me crazy.
Perhaps he thought I was going to unearth something interesting like one of his bones!
My late cat used to garden in the same way as your cat.Watch me from behind a plant pot until it all got too much for him and he would stretch out and sleep in the sunshine.