Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My walk with Beavers

I run Beavers Scouts on a Wednesday teatime. Last Wednesday we went for a walk around the village that we meet in.

This is the old Headmaster's house for the school we meet in, now in private hands
This is the front of the school. The original building would have been built in the late 1800's. It would have had a hall and 2 classroom. It now has a modern extension which gives the school a hall, kitchen and several classrooms. The school still isn't big enough as there are 2 mobile classrooms as well.

This is the village church, a very small church and just so cute inside. We walked around the grave yard and had a look at the head stones. The youngest person in the grave yard was 12 hours old and the oldest, 97yrs.
The village is quite an old village so there are some old properties, in Cheshire is is quite common to see thatched cottages.

We saw some animals too!

White wallabies!

Sunday, 28 June 2009


This afternoon the Oh! Bearded One & I went to Arley Garden Festival. This is held every year and we've been before. it tends to be a lovely afternoon out. There are lots of plant suppliers selling their plants along with other garden related stalls and of course! food and drink. We had some lunch and bought some plants.

Here is Meg 'helping'
Here she is giving the Oh! Bearded One the benefit of her experience!

Here they both are - standing back and admiring their handiwork!

And here is Miss Molly, the head gardener!

Monday, 22 June 2009


Sorry I've forgotten all about drawing the name out for my 200th post giveaway. I promise I'll do it later in the week. I've also got to get together the other bits for the giveaway. I haven't finished my Mini Spring Blooms quilt swap yet either but that should get finished and into the post later in the week too.
We were at Scout camp over the weekend so I didn't have any time then. It was worth it though, the kids had a good time. One of my Beavers thought the Bell boating they did on Saturday was 'awesome'. That sums it up really!

I've been busy today. I've done something I've not done for absolutely ages and that is clean the oven. It isn't perfect but it is a lot better than it was. Don't you just hate cleaning the oven?
The other thing I've done is recover my headboard for my bed. I bought a remmant in John Lewis for £7.50. I've only used half of it so the new cover cost the princely sum of £3.50.
We've got a visitor this week as well. SofM's girlfriend is staying until Thursday. She comes from Edinburgh and they met at uni and they are doing the same course. I hope she has a nice stay.

Thursday, 18 June 2009


..........is the best place in the world. My home is untidy, under seige from 'stuff' but it is where I can close the door on the rest of the world, which especially important when work is stressful.

Our back garden............................
...................not very big but a great sun trap as it is south facing. The Oh! Bearded One is the gardener in our household. When finances allow he is going to alter the top bit of the garden slightly.

This is the view from the front of our house.

The front of the house. As you can see we live on a hill!
Sometime soon views coming of the inside but only when it tidy!
The Spring Blooms quilt is going to be a bit late into the post as my week didn't go as anticipated so not a needle picked up yet and not likely over the weekend as I'm at Scout camp.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

A little shopping!

I've been doing a little bit of shopping just lately but tell the Oh! Bearded One!!!

A few bits from the £1 shop on Mad about Cards website for my card making.

Some quilt labels

Some fabric that I will cut up and make cards with. I'll iron vilene on the back to stiffen them and then mount them on cards.

I bought the 2 red fat quarters because I just loved them and the other 2 to make lavender hearts with to sell on a stall at work, either at our Bar-be-que in August or at Christmas. The beads are to go on a knitted cardigan, when I get round to knitting it.

I bought these DMC linen threads to try them as I hadn't seen them before and was curious about them. I am using them to make a little pincushion for my 200th post giveaway.

These 2 threads are also DMC but varigated. I bought them because I loved the colours, at present I don't know what I'll use them for.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Our walk! part 1

When Meg and I go for a walk locally we go 'round the lump'. What this really means we go in a circular walk through the estate we live on, down the main road at the back of us and back onto the other end of the estate.
We live on an estate that is just over 20 years old and we've been in our house 17years. At one end of the estate is this little house which is actually 2 flats. It is a lot older than 20 years. I'm not sure what the land was previously used for, I'll have to find out at the library.

This is looking backwards from the old house down the spine road that goes through the middle of the estate.

At the other end of the estate is a very large open green area. On it is a cricket club and the local leisure centre with the swimming pool. You can just see the side wall of the swimming pool behind the cricket club building. In the far distance you can see the goal posts for the local rugby club which is at our end of the estate, behind all the houses. Because our house is on a hill we can watch the rugby for free from our bedroom window if we wanted, not that we do.

This is a new medical centre that was build 2-3 years ago on the opposite side of the spine road to the large open area. Behind the medical centre is a dog walking field, here we can let Meg off the lead and play ball and fetch which she loves.

Here you can see the rugby club clearer. The building in front is a primary school. This is the school my children went to between the ages of 4 & a half to eleven, when they went up to high school.

This view is further along the spine road looking back towards the school and medical centre which you can't see because there is a bend.
This is a nice estate to live on. Because half of it is on a hill you don't feel all the houses are crammed in and a lot of them are not overlooked by each other. There are a lot of very mature trees edging the estate which attracts lots of different birds. Over the 17 years we've lived here the bird population has increased and different types have come. I've really enjoyed listening to the birds on our early morning walks and trying to identify them which I'm not very good at.
The estate is relatively clean and tidy, most people appear to enjoy their gardens as some of them are really pretty and very well maintained and the houses are well maintained. It is very quiet at night and you feel safe walking through the estate at night, also there is very little crime. My children had a lot more freedom here to roam than they would have got had we stayed in Sheffield, which is where we are from originally.

I'll show you more photos from my walk another time. I've also got some more goodies to show as well.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Moving forward

Look how far I've got with my black, white & red quilt.

I am really pleased as to how well the blocks have gone together. I think the careful trimming down of the squares has had a lot to do with how well they went together. They aren't completely perfect but they shouldn't be should they? I've started pinning them in rows which, hopefully, I'll finish on Friday. Then I'll need to make decisions about borders. I am thinking a narrow black border and a wider red one. What do you think? Comments gratefully received.

I shouldn't be working on this, I should be finishing my Spring Blooms mini quilt swap. I am now not working on Sunday because I worked last Sunday when I was on holiday so I will have a good go at it then. I know what I'm going to do so it shouldn't take too long I hope.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Look what I've been up to!

This is my 200th post! Full of fun stuff!!

Last week I bought this mag -a handbag special. Now I've never made a bag but I'm fascinated by them and I really enjoy looking at ones others have made.

Now I fell in love with this one. I also knew where I could buy this fabric. I was in my LQS last week and this fabric was being cut into fat quarters when I was visiting. I had fallen in love with it at the time so when I saw this pattern I knew where I was heading as soon as I could. I headed to my LQS this morning.

Here are the fat quarters. I bought the calico I also need on Friday when we went to Hobbycraft at Bridgemere garden centre near Nantwich.

But before I start this bag I have decided to make a quilt for the inside of my new car. The seats of my new car are leather which will be cold in the winter, also I carry Beavers in my car when we go on trips. Due to UK law children under a certain height have to sit on booster seats and as most Beavers are under this height I have to have these booster seats in my car. I don't want them to damage the leather on the seats so I thought a quilt would give some protection from both the seats and mucky feet (Beavers aren't proud where they put their feet). That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - to start another quilt! Do we need an excuse to start a new quilt?

I decided I wanted something quite mordern looking and I thought batiks might fit the bill. This is the fabric I bought - John Louden batiks charm pack and a red tie dye looking fat quarter. The charm pack contained 50 charms 2each of 25 designs, half black on white and half white on black. The only problem is that this pack wasn't laser cut so they weren't very straight. I cut them down to 4.5 inches to square them all up.

This is the first block I made

And I managed to make 2 more. I half completed 4 more as well. I can't believe I'm making a black, white and red quilt. I've seen quite a few on blogs and thought 'very nice but not for me' but here I am, making one!

This morning before I went to my LQS and whilst I watched 'Homes under the Hammer' and 'To buy or not to buy' I finished the hand stitching on this - my contribution for Spring Blooms mini quilt swap

It's now ready for the borders. I need to get a move on as it has to be in the post by 21st June but that's me all over, last minute as usual.

My Giveaway

Here is part of my giveaway for my 200th post - 2 fat quarters from Laurel Birch ranges by Cloth Works.

This giveaway is open until 22nd June 2009. To enter the draw for it post a comment and I will put all eligible comments in a hat and pull one out.

It will be lovely to hear from you and good luck.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Xmas cross stitch

Do you remember this? I bought it at the crsft show I went to with DD at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool in April.

I've started it. I haven't got very far as I have only had one sitting at it so far.

You can't really tell how nice the colours are from this photo but they are lovely and subtle. I'm going to really enjoy doing this but I need you to ask me how I'm getting on with it from time to time. This will keep me working on it, especially if I know people are expecting a finish.
This is my 198th post so guess what? there is a give away in the offing for my 200th post. One of the things that will be in the give away is a handmade pincushion made by my own fair hands!! So watch this space.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Spring mini quilt swap

These are my fabric selections for the Spring Blooms mini quilt swap (see link on side bar). I've had the fabris a few weeks now but haven't had time to start the quilt. This afternoon I got started and this is where I got to.

Since this photo was taken I've stitched the stem in place and I am now using blanket stitch to applique the rest of it in place. Hopefully it shouldn't take me too long to get the whole thing finished.

My new car

Here it is, my new car. I got it yesterday afternoon. Because I was still really upset about having to part with my old car I didn't get excited about this car right up until I got in it at the showroom to be shown round it. I think I'm going to really love it!
It is a Fiat Bravo. The Bravo is a remake of an older Fiat Bravo that they stopped making in 2002 but it is quite different from that model. My particular model is a T-jet 1.4 sport complete with alloy wheels!. I've never even driven a car with alloy wheel never mind owned one. I feel like a boy racer! -lol

Black leather seats with red stitching, sports pedals, blue tooth link (which is great, not that I've had a phone call yet. The little net with the maps in is out of my old car because it is really useful.