Friday, 15 May 2009

Gromit joins the Army!

Today we have been down to Pirbright in Surrey to watch Gromit pass out after his 15 week basic training. Gromit is my daughter's fiance. They have been engaged for 2 years now.

The boy has done good. We are so proud of him. He orginally joined the army at 17 but he was not really ready to settle down to it so came out. At one point he went AWOL and that's when he met DD. Once he came out he had quite a few jobs that didn't go anywhere and he was made for the army so it is really good he has got back in. He has caused his parents and us some heart ache over the years but I think he is really ready to settle and make a good career of it. With DD having just qualified as a nurse they are both set to plan their future.

On these photos it looks quite nice but there was a couple of squalls of rain. The journeys up and down were very wet.
He is now home for 2 weeks before he goes onto phase 2 of his training.


enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

My step grandson has just joined the army and we are hoping that he sticks it out.
He too has had a few wild moments and we are hoping that he is ready to settle to a career in the army.
I have sent you a message on Ravelry about meeting up sometime.

Alis said...

Great photos.
I think they have both done well. May they go from strength to strength.