Thursday, 2 April 2009

Still missing in action

I still have managed to get my laptop sorted out and I have been working a lot recently so the posts are rather slow in coming.

I have managed to do some more flowers for my Grandmother's flower garden but I'ven't been knitting much this last couple of weeks, I'd rather do the hand sewing on the quilt.

The week before last I was in Sunderland at the university doing a course for work. On the way back I stopped I stopped at Ikea as the traffic on the M62 was backlogged. I bought a unit for the study whilst I was there. I've been thinking about storage in there for a good few weeks. We simply haven't got enough storage for all my cardmaking stuff, my knitting and quilting stuff. I've been joking about taking over SofM's bedroom for a sewing room now he is at university but I have decided I don't really want to lose that space as a bedroom so I decided to reorganise the study. The unit I bought is really good. It has gone in a space where I had a set of drawers. I was going to get rid of the drawers but the Oh! Bearded One suggested I moved things around a bit so they would fit it else where. He was right, so now I've doubled the storage. I'm a happy bunny. I haven't quite finished tidying up uet but it is already better.

SofM comes home on Saturday from uni for Easter and I've got to tidy up in his room, at the moment his room is full of ironing. The only problem today is I've a migraine and am feeling rather sick so I'm not doing much today.

The Oh! Bearded One and I go on holiday on the 11th of April. We have hired a cottage in the Yorkshire Wolds. We have friends living in Beverley who are both 50 within a month of each other and they are having a party. We had already booked Easter off and had decided to go away but hadn't made a decision as to where. Their party made the decision for us. From where we are staying we can get to Whitby for the day and York. I want to go round the National Quilt museum in York whilst we are there.

I am now going to have a look at some blogs. I've really missed not looking at blogs each evening. I am missing you girls!


Sue said...

It sounds like a wonderful holiday you have planned. Enjoy and come back with lots of ideas for new projects.

I suffer from migraines, too, so I'm sending you healing thoughts.

Janice said...

Have a great Easter break. Sounds like a fun holiday.

clarabelle said...

Hope you enjoy your holiday in Yorkshire! It's lovely countryside - just over the river from us. Hope you're feeling better...