Friday, 20 February 2009

Plodding on


I am still here, plodding on - through life.

The Oh! Bearded One (who isn't bearded at present, by the way) is doing fine after his operation. He is pottering about nicely. He is getting out with the dog each day and doing some cooking. We were out 2 & half hours with the dog this afternoon.

I have now finished the back and am half way up the first sleeve on this cardigan and I've added 2 more flowers to my quilt.
I've got yarn and patterns to show you but that will have to wait until next week so I can photograph them in daylight. I am working from tomorrow until Tuesday (I didn't get round to it today).


loulee said...

The yarn you're working with is lovely. I'm enjoying knitting at the moment too.

Proverbs 31 said...

Your colours you've chosen for your quilt are lovely Ailsa. Marie x

Proverbs 31 said...

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