Sunday, 8 February 2009

Catch up

It has been a rather interesting week.

The Oh! Bearded One has been waiting for surgery on his neck. He has had trapped nerves in his neck and shoulder due to collasped discs. He should have had the surgery on 28th Jan but the surgeon was off sick having had bowel surgery. We thought 'that's it, he'll wait weeks' On Tuesday he gets a phone call to say 'come and have your pre-op assessment this afternoon and report to the hospital in the morning at 7am and we'll do the surgery. So he duly did as he was told and he is now recovering from having 2 disc replacements and a fusion in his neck.

This was him this morning in a local park, we were out with the dog for a walk. He doesn't look too bad does he? He is having problems with a sore throat and swallowing and not sleeping well but he hasn't had a lot of pain from the actual surgery. As you can see he is wearing a soft collar, can't lift and he can't drive for 3-4 weeks but he can walk quite long way as long as the ground is reasonably even.

He starts physio tomorrow.

I've been on holiday this week, I had booked it off so I could be at home for him when we got the first date. I carried on and took the holiday otherwise I would have lost it or had to take it in odd days. It's worked out very well as he had the surgery half way through my week. I had booked to do an extra shift next week so work has covered tomorrow for me so I don't go back to work until Friday.

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enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I am so glad Oh Bearded One has had his surgery. The waiting is the worst bit.
I am sure that, like me, he will improve daily and be back to normality real soon.
Get well soon!