Friday, 20 February 2009

Plodding on


I am still here, plodding on - through life.

The Oh! Bearded One (who isn't bearded at present, by the way) is doing fine after his operation. He is pottering about nicely. He is getting out with the dog each day and doing some cooking. We were out 2 & half hours with the dog this afternoon.

I have now finished the back and am half way up the first sleeve on this cardigan and I've added 2 more flowers to my quilt.
I've got yarn and patterns to show you but that will have to wait until next week so I can photograph them in daylight. I am working from tomorrow until Tuesday (I didn't get round to it today).

Sunday, 8 February 2009

This week's crafting

Whilst I've been on holiday from work I have started catching up on things that have got out of hand since before Christmas and whilst I was doing that assignment. One of the things I wanted to do was sort out my yarn stash and decide what I really wanted to knit and what yarn I really wanted to keep. I've actually frogged one or two things and am sending quite a lot of yarn to the charity shop as I know I'm not going to use it. I don't have enough storage either to keep stuff I'm not going to use. I need to be more circumspect about what yarn & patterns I decide to buy, I am far too impulsive.
If you check this post out you will see the photo of the pattern I am knitting with this yarn. I am now up to the armholes on the back. It's a great knit whilst I'm blogging!

This is where I'm up to on my Grandmother's flower garden quilt, I've also stitched together one more flower and I've got 3-4 prepped to stitch together. Press the link on my sidebar for The Great Hexagon Quilt-along to see some other really beautiful quilts

This is my Febuary finish for the 'One project a month' challenge. These fingerless mitts have been hanging around for ever. I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle now for March's project but I'm sure I'll find something.

I've started very early for Christmas 2009, these are plain socks for my Dad in 'Schoppel Wolle - Admiral Bambus'colour 1905 Aqua using Violet Green's pattern. This is the first time I've used this pattern. I really want to get more confident knitting socks, I want to move onto some patterned ones.


Like the rest of the UK we have had snow but unlike a lot of the UK the county hasn't ground to a halt as we haven't had that much.

But enough for a 21 year old going on 2 to built a little snowman!

These ducks were on the Mere where our Scouts sail. As you can see part of it is iced over, this hasn't happened in the 16 & half years we've lived here.

This in Molly outside our patio door this afternoon, we've had another snow flurry, it's stopped now and has hardly settled.

Catch up

It has been a rather interesting week.

The Oh! Bearded One has been waiting for surgery on his neck. He has had trapped nerves in his neck and shoulder due to collasped discs. He should have had the surgery on 28th Jan but the surgeon was off sick having had bowel surgery. We thought 'that's it, he'll wait weeks' On Tuesday he gets a phone call to say 'come and have your pre-op assessment this afternoon and report to the hospital in the morning at 7am and we'll do the surgery. So he duly did as he was told and he is now recovering from having 2 disc replacements and a fusion in his neck.

This was him this morning in a local park, we were out with the dog for a walk. He doesn't look too bad does he? He is having problems with a sore throat and swallowing and not sleeping well but he hasn't had a lot of pain from the actual surgery. As you can see he is wearing a soft collar, can't lift and he can't drive for 3-4 weeks but he can walk quite long way as long as the ground is reasonably even.

He starts physio tomorrow.

I've been on holiday this week, I had booked it off so I could be at home for him when we got the first date. I carried on and took the holiday otherwise I would have lost it or had to take it in odd days. It's worked out very well as he had the surgery half way through my week. I had booked to do an extra shift next week so work has covered tomorrow for me so I don't go back to work until Friday.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Knitting plans

On Friday I nipped into Northwich on my way home from work and went into my LYS 'Crafty Stitches'. I had a fancy for knitting a v-necked jumper (see middle pattern, top pic) but of course I was completely side tracked.

I bought this pattern for the tank top on the left. King Cole patterns are really good value as you get 2 patterns for the price of one. In the Autumn I started a cardigan in this yarn (King Cole Mirage), the pattern was from the Autumn 08 copy of Women's Weekly knitting booklet. I've fallen out of love with this so I might use the yarn for this tank top.

I didn't buy any yarn for the v-necked jumper. I bought this (King Cole Mirage, different colourway) instead. I'm going to knit the one on the right. This yarn will go with some trousers I bought when I went to Edinburgh in October as well as jeans.

I bought this yarn when I went to Edinburgh as well, it was in a sale. I had started a cardigan with it but it was turning out too big so that was frogged and I've bought this pattern to use with it instead.

Hexagon quilt-along

Do you remember these? They are a Moda Roman Holiday Jelly roll and some fabric from the same range.

This is what I'm doing with them - a Grandma's flower garden quilt (blogger has turned the photo). I have always loved hexagon quilts and have wanted to make one.

When I came across The Great Hexagon Quilt - Along, I thought 'that's it, I've got to have a go'.

I've joined this blog and you can see me posting on there occasionally.

January finish

Here is my 'One project a month challenge' finish.

If you remember these 3 hats are for my best friend and her 2 daughters. They are going to have to fight over who has which colour. The hats can now go in the post to Sheffield.