Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I am very sad tonight. At work we have had 3 deaths today. Yes, I know we look after older people who are ill and we should expect it but it isn't easy. I always feel for the relatives who have lost their loved ones and also for the person who has died, for the person that they have been in the past.

There are other issues that are making work very difficult at present and I am just praying that things change again and become more settled. Unfortunately due to confidentiality issues I can't be very specific so please bear with me.

I'll have a crafting post very soon!


Kathy said...

I'm so sorry, Ailsa. When I worked at a hospital it was the hardest thing for me. You get so attached to people.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Keeping you in my thoughts...sounds like you are going through a rough patch.

Take care and (((hugs)))

clarabelle said...

Oh dear, hope things look up soon for you at work, Ailsa!

I've found the death of my aunt last autumn very difficult to deal with, so it's touching to hear your thoughts from a carer's viewpoint. I hadn't thought enough about this.


Chocolate Cat said...

3 deaths in one day is very hard. It doesn't matter that they are old, it is still sad for the families and hard for the staff. At our Day Centre we lost one of our favorites ( yes I know you're not meant to have them!!) this week, at 92 she was ready to go but we will miss her. Thinking of you and hoping the problems at work get sorted out xx