Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I am very sad tonight. At work we have had 3 deaths today. Yes, I know we look after older people who are ill and we should expect it but it isn't easy. I always feel for the relatives who have lost their loved ones and also for the person who has died, for the person that they have been in the past.

There are other issues that are making work very difficult at present and I am just praying that things change again and become more settled. Unfortunately due to confidentiality issues I can't be very specific so please bear with me.

I'll have a crafting post very soon!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

I've been very naughty!!!

I've been spending money!! I've been to a quilt fabric sale. Once a year in Nantwich there is a quilt fabric sale, several sellers get together and sell their wares with reductions. I've been looking forward to it for several weeks and I've been planning what I was going to buy.

This jelly roll and these fat quarters are from the Moda Simplicity range and they are for a quilt for DD. She wants a quilt in pale colours with a predominance of pink, she also wants cupcakes, flowers and butterflys on it!! Watch this space, I have a plan. The jelly roll was reduced by 25% and the fat quarters were reduced by 10%.

This jelly roll is Moda Roman Holiday and the other fabric is one of the fabrics from the range. This fabric is to make a Grandma's flower garden quilt. I've wanted to a hexagon quilt for a while. I love the idea of hand piecing and I've been inspired to start one by The Great Hexagon Quilt-Along blog. This afternoon I cut the whole jelly roll into 2 & half inch squares and have managed to start some hexs together. The jelly roll was a bit tatty around the edges but once cut up it's going to be fine and at 50% off I'm not complaining. I love this fabric range, I've seen some lovely quilts in blogland made from this range.

These 3 fabrics are from Makower Zen range. I've a charm pack in this and with these 3 fabrics I should be able to make a small lap quilt.

The white fabric on the bolt is 3 metres of Timeless Treasures and is for the borders for DD's quilt and sticheries. I couldn't resist the Moda charm pack at over a third off. The other fabrics I bought because I liked them.
I am really pleased with my purchases and I have now got my quilting and knitting projects planned for the year. I have also done some shopping online but that's for another post.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Another finish

Last night I finished another hat, same pattern as last time and for my friend/god daughter. I've started hat no 3.

First time back at work today after being ill and I am tired now, also heartly sick of blowing my nose, so much so it's glowing just like Rudolph the Reindeer's - not a good look!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

1st finish of the year!

Well! I got showered, dressed and went downstairs to sit for the first time in 6 days. I've been so tired! In the last couple of days I have been able to sleep for Britain. I should be working a night shift tonight but I don't think I could stay awake which isn't safe.

Tomorrow it's back to the assignment I need to finish. I've got tomorrow and Monday!

I've got my first finish for the year 2009 so it will show up on my one a month challenge sidebar when I set it up! This is the 2nd hat I've knitted using this pattern. The 1st hat was sent to my SIL for Christmas. I spoke to her last night and she appeared to like it very much which is good. It's a bit nervewracking giving a knitted pressie to a knitter!
The top photo is my DD modeling, this photo is me modeling. This hat is the first in 3 that I am knitting for my best friend and her daughters, my 2 God-daughters. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed, this one is a heathery colour, I am knitting the 2nd in a red and the 3rd in pink then they will have to fight over who has which colour. After I've knitted these I've a limey green I want to knit for myself and my DD wants a dark grey one.

Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year Resolutions

Last year I made 2 lots of New Year resolutions - here & here. I have been very poor at keeping them. I've only kept one and part of another which were on the personal list. I've not dropped out of social things unless I've had a really good reason, not just because I didn't feel like it. I'm really pleased that I've achieved that, it has been an important step forward, away from the depression. The one I partly achieved was seeing Mum & Dad more and I'll keep on with that one. The craft ones I've not kept at all!

Consequently I've thought more carefully about this year's resolutions. I'm not going to make any craft ones other than I have asked to join May Britt & Kris's 'one project a month' challenge. I hope this will help me have some staying power to complete some of the things I've got on the needles or in the quilting hoop.

I have some ideas of things I would like to start. I want to make both my Mum & DD a quilt. I would like to make a table runner to use and Christmas and I would like to make more hand made Christmas presents but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't achieve them but I hope I'll have fun trying. I hope there is another SCSS type thing later in the year, I loved doing that and I'm up for doing it again.

I'm not starting any new quilts until I've finished SofM's as he keeps asking for it, I'm also hand quilting a lap quilt I want to finish as well before any new ones are started.

I love blogs but the trouble is I keep seeing lovely things I want to do and there aren't enough hours in a day!


I should be working like mad on my assignment for the course I've been doing. It has to be in tomorrow but I'm ill. I've had this viral 'chesty' thing that's going round the UK. I started being ill on Saturday and I'm worse today. I can't concentrate, I've a temperature. It's going to cause all sorts of problems if I don't get it in tomorrow. I'm just hoping I'll get a bit of an extension.

Update - I've got a week's extension, thank goodness for that!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

This photo should be further down but it didn't load properly first time round - this is Carole's bag, beautiful is'nt it?

I can't resist a New Year photo of my pup! This was taken on New Year's Day at my Mum & Dad's.

As promised I've posted photos of my swap parcels. the first photo is of the knitting swap. This parcel came from Germany - An-Margritt. Thank you for this, I don't yet what I'm going to knit with the yarn but I'm sure I'll think of something.

This is a photo of my SCSS parcel from Carole. I love the bag. The colours in the fabric are just my colours. Thank you so much.

My DD give me this book for Christmas, I've wanted it for a while. I am now dreaming of lace knitting.