Monday, 14 December 2009

Don't worry, I've not forgotten do the draw but I've not been able to get together with DD to get her to do the draw as she is on nights and I'm on days...............hopefully Wednesday

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Xmas in our house, part 2

Christmas in our house, part 2.
This is the second tree we have, which is in the conservatory. It is smaller than the sitting room tree and has all the family favourites on that have been collected over the years. I started buying tree ornaments for the children when they were little (one each). As they are now 22 (tomorrow)and 19, that's a lot of ornaments. When they leave home and take them all with them the tree will be bare!
Isn't this little snowman cute? It belongs to DD and she loves it. I'll really miss it when she takes it to a new home.

A cute clown, I'm not sure who this belongs to. My Mum has an even more cute clown that I hope to inherit.
I also love this penguin.

This little girl is a recent addition, bought last year or the year before, for DD.

The one is another vintage ornament belonging to my parents-in-law.............. are these two. The Oh! Bearded One isn't given to sentimentality but he has been quite touched that I've used quite a lot of his parents tree ornaments on the trees. He sees it as continuity, as I also do and it gives me great pleasure to continue to use these ornaments.

This little angel sits on the top of this little tree. We inherited it when we bought my in-laws house in the early 80's when we first got married. I didn't use her at first and she stayed in a box but for quite a few years now she sits on top the tree. This became more important once my in-laws died. She must date back to the 70's.

This is such a cute snowman. Gromit's Mum, Jan, gave him to me as an early Christmas present. She wanted me to get some use from him.

Since I took the photo of this tree I've decorated the banister. I put this decoration up every year but this is the first time I've managed to put lights on it.
DD's birthday tomorrow and I will get her to make the draw for the Christmas Robin wallhanging. It's not too late to make a comment as we won't make the draw until tomorrow evening after we have been out for a meal.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Xmas in our house

Today I've started putting up the Christmas decorations.

This is the main tree in the sitting room. The colour theme is gold, red/Burgundy and green.

I've mixed a few vintage decorations with more recent ones. This Santa's head belonged to my parents-in-law. We inherited some vintage decorations from them when they died and they remind me so much of my childhood as we had a lot of this type of decoration when I was a child that my parents had bought when they first got married. They still use some of them.

This is another vintage dec.

This angel is one of this year's purchases. I love angels and have several. This one is in my favorite shade of green.

This angel was bought in the Czech Republic last year. The Czechs make the most wonderful glass Christmas decorations.

This bauble I bought in Harrods in London when DD and I were there for a few days in 2001. We had a great time and this bauble is a lovely reminder of a lovely time spent with DD.

This bauble is one of quite few that are clear glass with glittery decoration on them.

This is another of this year's purchases.

One of my favorites.

This one was bought for me by DD as a Christmas present a few years ago from the Pier chain of shops which unfortuately have closed down. I really miss these shops.

This beaded ornament I made a good few years ago. It is made from perforated paper with a beaded decoration. I really enjoyed making it.

This one is one of four I made from a Pinflair kit I bought at one of the shows. These were great fun to make but didn't half give me a sore thumb!

Three more days to my giveaway draw! Please take part. This tree needs a new home

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Any more takers?

Common on girls! You've got to help me out here. I would like a few more names in the hat for the draw on 11th Dec for this giveaway. Go on, stop lurking and make a comment!

This wallhanging is from a class I did in July and I've fallen out of love with it so I'm giving it away. It needs blanket stitching around the robins and tree, borders adding, backing and quilting.

Saturday, 28 November 2009


I've received a couple of presents!

My advent swap present (2nd to last photo)

and very much delayed but well waiting for! - the Spring Blooms Mini quilt!

This little quilt is beautiful! It was sent by Sandy in Utah. It appears the little quilt was late because life took over as it tends to do. Thank you Sandy, it's beautiful.

My Advent swap parcel from Karol-Ann in Yorkshire. I can't wait to start opening these!

Don't forget my quilty givaway. Pop a comment in my comments box and I do the draw on 11th December

Sunday, 22 November 2009

1 month away! & a giveaway!

Well! I'm back. I'm just not holding my breath as to how long! I've been away nearly a month which I didn't really expect.

Do you remember this? Well, I have fallen out of love with it and I don't want to have it laying about when someone else could do something with it so I'm giving it away. If you would like to enter the draw to win it please add a comment on my blog.

The Christmas tree and robins are fused onto the backing fabric and I've started blanket stitching round them but I've hardly started. It measures something like 20x24 and was intended to be a wall hanging.

The closing date for the draw is DD's birthday on 11th December!

Because I've been away for a while I can't help showing you Meg and Molly. Meg loves being curled up on our bed either with me in the bed or not, she's not that bothered.

She tolerated the fashion show quite well and thought it was a great game.

Molly also likes our bed but not usually when Meg is on it although she will come on the bed at the same time as Meg if I'm there as well.

I've been here twice in the last month. This is the Lake District, in particular Derwentwater. I went up at the beginning of October for a work colleague's wedding and some walking with the Oh! Bearded One and a Scouting friend. Then we went up last weekend and stayed in a hotel in Little Langdale with a group of friends that we've known over 25 years. Last weekend was wet in the Lake District but not as wet as later in the week. There have been the most awful floods and a policeman lost his life.
The Oh! Bearded One is going up there again, to Grange over Sands, for work and he isn't sure until he gets there how the flooding will be.

I know it is very late but Happy Halloween! This was DD's work and we had a lovely pumpkin risotto cooked by The Oh! Bearded One.

5th November saw DD graduate from the University of Chester with a Diploma in Nursing. Here she is with Gromit, her fiancee. He was home from Germany on sick leave. He is awaiting an operation on his shoulder that keeps dislocating. The operation is set for 9th December.
The graduation ceremony was held in Chester Cathedral. The owner of Knowsley safari park, the Earl of Derby, was also awarded a honary degree at the same ceremony.

Here she is again with her "olds".

This is a small section of a knitted something that has been given away.

as is this!
All will be revealed after Christmas.
I've got to take some photos of some other things to show so watch this space.
I had a not so nice week at work last week and I have been so tired, I hope this coming week will be much better. I hate feeling so tired and not having any energy, its so frustrating.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

No computer!!!! Again!!!!

My new power cable has failed so I've no computer again.

This is so frustrating!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

I'm back! Hooray!!!

I'm back - hooray!!!!!! My Internet connection got sorted last night courtesy of Gromit's Dad - thank you!!

I do miss blogging and reading blogs when I haven't got access and I've got so much to share so you will probably get sick of me now.

First off - holiday pictures. The Oh! Bearded One and I went to Devon in September for a week. We had a holiday cottage in Shillingford near Tiverton. We took Meg of course!

Here she is, on one of her favorite activities - a walk.
And she quite enjoyed paddling in the sea.

The Oh! Bearded One and Meg in Dunster, Somerset, outside the yarn market. Dunster is an old village that was built on the back of the wool and weaving trade.

This is the inside of the cottage we had. It was actually a converted barn which is sited on a farm. It isn't a working farm now though. Can you see the tall lamp? Just placed so I could knit and sew under it.

The bedroom was on a mezzanine level. This is the first time I've ever slept on a mezzanine. It was a very comfortable cottage.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Still no internet! £$%^&* £$%

The Oh! Bearded One can't get my internet connection to work so a very quick update at work.

Still alive and kicking! Still Knitting! Still planning, making and buying for Advent Swap!

I've had a Birthday, had a lovely day with Mum, Dad and DD.

Might be able to get on The Oh! Bearded One's computer tomorrow if he isn't working at home.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Still no internet!

Still no internet access at home - hopefully get sorted this weekend.

Still knitting and getting sorted for the Advent swap.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Just to say....

I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth ....... computer problems again!!

I had a good holiday and I've got photos when the computer is up and running again.

I am working on my Advent swap and am knitting like mad!

Friday, 11 September 2009


Tomorrow we are off to Devon for a week!

Tonight I am debating which of my many projects I am going to take.

See you in a week!

Friday, 4 September 2009

All sorts!

I've got lots to share tonight.

First I am taking part in this advent swap that is being co-hosted by Jo in Tas & Fiona. My swap partner is Karol-Ann, which is funny as I've been following her blog for ages.
I nearly missed the boat on this swap as my original e-mails replying to the swap when it was first getting going disappeared into cyber space and I nearly didn't get a partner.

I'm looking forward to this swap, it's good fun plotting and scheming what I'm going to put in my parcel. Tomorrow I'm going to a Stitch & create show at Manchester Central so I intend to look for bits that I can include.

Today has been my 27th Wedding Anniversary. I can't believe we've been married that long. Yes! I know I said that when we celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary 2 years ago! But I can't! We've been out for a meal which was really nice. We've both been so busy it was nice to sit down in the same place and be able to talk.

DD's Fiance, Gromit, is being posted to Germany after 5 weeks leave with us. She is going to really miss him. This is his first posting and he is looking forward to it.

We are so proud of him.

Do you remember those piles of 4 square blocks and triangles? Well! I've started turning them into blocks.
Spot the deliberate mistake- lol

I got another lovely little parcel from The Fat Quarter shop. I bought a couple of magazines, 2 yards of Moda 'Fabulous Fall' and these 2 patterns in their sale.

I think I was drawn to 'Three Coins' because it was orginally made in Moda 'Roman Holiday' which is the fabric range I'm doing my Hexi quilt in.
Talking of which - an update of it

Not much further really! I'm going to take it on holiday with me in a week's time and hopefully I'll do a bit then. I'm not worried about this quilt, I fully expected for it to take me a long time. For this quilt it's the journey to get there rather than the end product that is important.
Right, sleep time as I have to be up for the show tomorrow. I am hopeful I will meet up with Jan. This will be the first time I will have met her so I hope we can meet up. You never know there might be a photo tomorrow!