Tuesday, 30 December 2008


In this post I'm going to be all slushy about my dog ......and about blogging.

We've had a lovely Christmas with Meg, don't worry she isn't in prison, she is just being given time to dry her paws off after being outside. She tolerated the tinsel around her collar all day and she looked so cute!
Here she is, with one of her Christmas presents. This rawhide candy cane is now half the size!!! She had lots of other christmas pressies too. As it was her first Christmas with us, in fact her first Christmas, she was spoilted rotten.

Isn't she just so cute?!!!!
I have now been blogging for about 18 months and I absolutely love, I never get tired of reading other people's blogs. Because I have diverse interests I read a diverse range of blogs. It never ceases to amaze me how talented folks are and how generous they are, both with the swaps and gifts but with information sharing - quilting and knitting ideas, techniques, recipes, photos and general loveliness. Please, please keep it up girls!!! As soon as I can I am going to update my sidebar with the blogs I read (I am assignment writing at present-taking a break for lunch!), please have a look at them.


Kathy said...

Meg is so adorable. I'm so glad she found you guys and has such a loving home.

Hope your new year is everything you want it to be. I'm really going to try to make this one my year.

Happy New Year!

Proverbs 31 said...

Hope 2009 is a blessed year for you Ailsa & your little dog is very cute!!!! Marie x

Sue said...

Looks like the holiday tired her out. I'm so glad she found you.

StitchinByTheLake said...

How sweet is that dog! I've been asking for a dog but it has to wait a little while. We're going to do a short mission trip and I don't want to get one until after we get back. Have a wonderful new year! blessings, marlene